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Fund Innovation with a Minimum Viable Business Case

Most IT projects are not delivering on their expected value because the costs and benefits of technology solutions are often difficult to predict. The CIO needs a...
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Reduce Time to Consensus With an Accelerated Business Case

Build a compelling business case for the procurement of an enterprise application that demonstrates the drivers for decision making in your organization, provides...
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Optimize Software Asset Management

Organizations are aware of the savings that result from implementing SAM, but they are unsure of where to start the process. With no formal standards in place for...
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Vendor Landscape: Emergency Incident Management Systems

With the rise of natural disasters and accidents, tribal nations must be prepared to protect and be stewards for their assets and communities through prompt and...

Build Effective Enterprise Integration on the Back of Business Process

Create an enterprise integration strategy that combines your business process, applications, and data.
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Develop an Actionable ERP Strategy & Roadmap

A well-architected ERP strategy clearly communicates the direction of the ERP portfolio and aligns roadmap initiatives with business priorities.

Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN

Wireless may now be your primary access layer – make sure you have the visibility and the framework to support and control the traffic that thousands of IoT endpoints...
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Implement Your ESB Using a Stepwise Approach

Integration middleware, namely enterprise service buses (ESBs), streamline application integration by serving as a central connection point. Use this blueprint to...
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Implement High Availability for Mission Critical Databases

Efficient backup/recovery processes and technology will meet most recovery time and recovery point objectives. Implement database high availability for mission critical...
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Establish a Vendor Management Office

As IT services and products continue to become outsourced, IT is becoming increasingly dependent on external vendors, and a transaction-based approach becomes...
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