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Effective, Results-Driven, Best-Practice Research

Our data-driven programs enable IT leaders to objectively measure success, develop an impactful IT strategy, and systematically improve performance year over year.

Each year we invest millions of dollars in our library of best-practice tools, templates, training materials, and step-by-step methodologies proven to accelerate projects and transform IT departments.

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A Step-By-Step Program to Systematically Improve Your IT Department

  • A self-sufficient IT team that improves & optimizes your core IT processes
  • Technology projects that get done on time & on budget
  • An IT training & coaching program that develops A-players & your IT leadership team
  • A data-driven IT strategy that impresses your CEO & executive peers


Blueprints, Tools, Templates, and Diagnostic Programs

We offer you over 450 do-it-yourself project and process blueprints, developed by our industry experts to help our members save time and money when it comes to tackling their most important IT initiatives. Every best-practice blueprint uses the critical insights uncovered in our comprehensive research process to give you the roadmap to solving your IT problems. Each blueprint can be accompanied by a Guided Implementation that provides you access to our world-class analysts to help you get through the project.

We save you time creating critical IT documents and project deliverables with our massive, ready-to-deploy library of tools and templates.

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Info-Tech’s systematic diagnostic programs collect feedback from your team and your stakeholders. Using our powerful analytics engines, we build reports that help your IT department make critical decisions.

Over the Phone

Your membership includes unlimited phone access to our team of subject matter experts to guide you through your most challenging technology projects. An analyst from the team who wrote the research spends time with you over the phone, at key project milestones, to advise, coach, and offer insight. The service is available across our entire range of projects and core processes.

Expert Analyst Access

For every project you start, we have an expert analyst waiting to help you execute best practices and stay on schedule. It’s on-demand project support when you need it the most.

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Top-Rated Workshop Experiences

Each Workshop saves an average of $124,805 and 6 days of valuable IT resources.

Build a Business-Aligned IT Strategy

Create an IT strategy based on business needs, not just intuition. It is no longer enough to generate a text document and call it an IT strategy. Stakeholder attention spans are growing shorter; cr...

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Create a Right-Sized Disaster Recovery Plan

Create an effective, right-sized DRP: discover current capabilities, define business requirements, and close gaps to deliver service continuity.

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Implement Agile Practices That Work

Development teams are under increasing pressure to perform more in less time with the same amount of resources while remaining aligned to business priorities. They are looking to Agile to help them...

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Build a Robust and Comprehensive Data Strategy

Put a strategy in place to ensure data is available, accessible, well integrated, secured, of acceptable quality, and suitably visualized to fuel organization-wide decision making. Start treating d...

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Top Guided Implementations

Each Guided Implementation saves an average of $43,767 and 1 days of valuable IT resources.

Build Dramatically Better Business Requirements

  • Day 1

    Define the current state and target state for requirements gathering

    • Requirements gathering maturity assessment
    • Project level selection tool
    • Requirements gathering documentation tool
  • Day 2

    Define the elicitation process

    • Project elicitation schedule
    • Project operating model
    • Project use cases
  • Day 3

    Analyze and validate requirements

    • Requirements gathering documentation tool
    • Requirements gathering testing checklist
  • Day 4

    Establish change control processes

    • Requirements traceability matrix
    • Requirements gathering communication tracking template
  • Day 5

    Establish ongoing governance for requirements gathering action plan

    • Requirements gathering
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Onsite Workshops

Included in an onsite membership is a five-day engagement where our expert facilitators help you complete a key initiative, work through critical project deliverables, and train your team. We use a learning-based approach to implement Info-Tech methodologies tailored to your unique situation.

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Why Workshops?

  • 01

    Get 90% of Any Project Done in 5 Days

    • Spend 5 intense and focused days to collapse project timelines and make major project decisions.
    • Use our proven and road-tested methodologies to get your project done quickly and effectively.
    • Hundreds of project and process workshops available to help with any topic that is important to you.
  • 02

    High Value, Standard Pricing, No-Hassle Negotiating

    • No-hassle negotiating and scoping; always a flat rate across all projects.
    • Gain and share expertise over a variety of short, focused engagements, instead of one, longer term consulting project.
    • High-value engagements, not long run-away consulting projects that never end.
  • 03

    An Intense, Collaborative Learning Experience

    • Workshop materials have been rigorously road-tested and built on industry best practices.
    • Develop and train your team through collaboration with our expert facilitators.
    • Extend your team by drawing on our analysts across a wide range of specialties.
  • 04

    Proven Results

    • Since launching the product, Info-Tech has delivered over 200 onsite workshops with an overall satisfaction rating of 9.8/10.
    • 96% of workshop participants rate the effectiveness of the expert facilitators at an 8 out of 10 or higher.
    • On average, workshops save our members $56,411 per engagement.

Custom Consulting

Our Consulting Services provide you with expert practitioners and advisors throughout the duration of your engagement, enabling you to effectively outsource your IT initiative or project to those with the knowledge, skills, and tools to deliver quality-driven value. Info-Tech Consulting Services blends the insights of our more than 30,000 members with the market-approved talents and methodologies of our consulting staff to bring your organization a unique, powerful, and holistic professional services offering.

Info-Tech Focus Areas


Strategy, Services & Governance


Selection, Development & Management


Planning, Optimization & Outsourcing


Security, Risk & Compliance


Vendor Intelligence & Custom Studies

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Best-Practice Driven

Our IT consulting services and programs are designed on top of an extensive research library of IT best practices, tools, and templates developed by analysts and consultants with decades of practical and advisory experience.

Best-in-Class Resources

Our principals, directors, and managers have decades of IT consulting experience with the “Big Four” consulting firms. In addition, we support you with passionate project managers and consultants who are recognized members of professional associations.

Accelerated Engagement Delivery

Start off your consulting engagement with a boost. Leverage Info-Tech’s diagnostic tools and workshops to gain critical insights driven by data, not guesswork, and deliver consulting-quality results faster.

Vendor-Agnostic Advisory

Info-Tech operates with 100% vendor neutrality. Our comprehensive vendor landscape understanding enables our consultants and analysts to focus on solutions that are in the best interest of your company, not the vendors.

Long-Term Partners

With the Info-Tech membership at the forefront of our consulting offering, we engage with our clients throughout all of their IT needs. We include regular touchpoints, project follow-ups, ongoing advisory, and account management, so we’re always there.

Cultural Liberators

We’ve introduced cultures of innovation to even the most conservative of organizations, helping IT professionals move away from the monotony of operational oversight so they can maintain control while focusing their passions on driving strategic value.

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