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Organizations are rapidly adapting their products and services to meet increasing customer demand for a frictionless experience. To meet this changing customer mindset, IT departments must evolve beyond traditional IT service management (ITSM) strategy and capabilities to generate value and achieve the business outcomes set by their organization. Business and IT must share common principles, strategy, and goals to survive and thrive as technology and consumer expectations change.

96% of CIOs surveyed say their role is expanding beyond traditional IT services management responsibilities to leading digital transformation, crafting strategy, and taking on revenue accountability.

Info-Tech has mapped common customer journeys that will help continually improve service management practices and add value to your organization while providing a service management framework that is adaptable to change, and is trusted, measured, and well-governed.


Evolving Customer




  • Business velocity
  • Regulatory change
  • Technology and delivery models


  • Authority
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Strategic alignment
  • Process integration


  • Resource alignment to business outcomes
  • The right talent
  • Suitable technology
  • Fit-for-purpose process


  • Strong service management culture
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency

Typical Service
Management Challenges

The proliferation of technology has triggered customers to expect digital experiences that are easy to consume and work the first time. To address this shifting paradigm, enterprises need to adjust their service management practices to effectively engage with consumers and generate business value.

By 2027, the average enterprise will see 41% of their revenue come from digital products and services.

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  • Develop a Service Management Strategy

    There is no linear path to service management utopia. Learn how to build a customer centric service management strategy.

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  • Fix a Service Delivery Issue

    Understand the source of your service management delivery issues and implement actions that will drive value to the organization quickly.

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  • Adapt Capabilities to Support Transformation

    Organizations are in constant change – adapting to new business opportunities, new technologies and ways of working. Your service management capabilities need to transform in tandem.

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  • Deliver Services as an Enterprise

    Delivering a successful enterprise service management practice (ESM) puts people, culture, and collaboration first.

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Develop a Service Management Strategy

I want to bring value to my organization by developing a Service Management Strategy.

Navigate through the blueprints in this section to build the vision and the plan to deliver consistent and higher-value services to the organization.

Fix a Service Delivery Issue

I need to address a service delivery issue.

An underperforming team might be the symptom of multiple issues with your service management. Use the research section to identify the source of the issue and start bringing value to the organization by fixing core ITSM processes and elements.

Adapt Capabilities to Support Transformation

I want to gain customer trust and strengthen service delivery.

Organizations are in a constant state of flux responding to rapid growth and disruption, market structure complexity, new technologies, and innovation opportunities. Use this research section to learn how to adapt your ITSM framework beyond ITIL processes.

Deliver Services as an Enterprise

I want to bring a customer-focused mindset to our entire organization.

Successful enterprise service management harnesses people, culture, and collaboration. Take advantage of this research to create a unified service management system to realize the goals of a service-based organization and ultimately drive value to consumers.

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