CIO Business Vision

The most important thing a CIO can do is understand the business needs and actively measure that the business is satisfied

Stakeholder management is a critical aspect of running a successful IT department. Info-Tech’s CIO Business Vision program is a low effort, high impact program that will give you detailed report cards on the organization's satisfaction with IT’s core services. Use these insights to understand your key business stakeholders, find out what is important to them, and improve your interactions.

3 Years of Success with Business Vision

Ken Platt

IT Leader, learning Resources Inc

Ken Platt is the shared services CTO of Learning Resources Inc. and leads an IT group that serves over 350 people. He used the CIO Business Vision diagnostic over 3 years to drive a 20% increase in stakeholder satisfaction and became a strategic business partner.

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Benefits of CIO Business Vision

Key Stakeholders

  • Find out the needs of your key stakeholders
  • Improve your Stakeholder Management


  • Move beyond opinion and get to facts
  • Build Autonomy


  • You can't manage what you can't measure
  • Stop flying blind


  • Find out what is important to the business
  • Get the most value out of Resources
CIO business Vision Visual

Overall Report Cards

IT Satisfaction Report Card thumbnail

IT Satisfaction Report Card


A scorecard which measures the satisfaction of your key decision makers annually.

You Get:

  • Overall IT Satisfaction & Value
  • IT Relationship Satisfaction
  • Top Business Priorities
  • Core Services Satisfaction


No activity or project is more important than showing the company you care enough to measure their satisfaction once a year.

So You Can:

Show you care about satisfaction and communicate:

  • IT Relationship Satisfaction
  • Top Business Priorities
  • Core Services Satisfaction
IT Capacity Scorecard Report Card thumbnail

IT Capacity Report Card


A capacity scorecard that shows the demands on IT by each department.

You Get:

  • Capacity Metrics
  • IT Supply & Value Satisfaction
  • Capacity Satisfaction by Department


The business is the one that demands more resources. Prove the demands on IT from the business and make the case for more resources.

So You Can:

  • Demonstrate demands on IT to the CEO and Executives
  • Communicate capacity issues to:
    • IT
    • Business Leaders

Department Report Cards

Stakeholder Satisfaction Report Cards


Individual department scorecards which measure the satisfaction of each department.

You Get:

  • IT Satisfaction & Value by Department
  • IT Relationship Satisfaction by Department
  • Core Services Satisfaction by Department
  • Capacity Metrics by Department


Work with your most important and most dissatisfied stakeholders to ensure their needs are met.

So You Can:

  • Manage the needs of Individual Business Leaders
  • Communicate Results to Individual Business Leaders
Sales Priorities for IT Report Card Thumbnail

Satisfaction by Department


A view of all department results in one spot.

You Get:

  • Department Satisfaction score
  • Department Capacity score
  • Department Dependency score
  • Department top ranked IT Core Service


You can use this view to compare the departments by Satisfaction Capacity and Dependency scores.

So You Can:

  • Prioritize which departments to focus on first
Satisfaction by Department Report Card thumbnail

Driving Stakeholder Relationships with Business Vision

Frank Adili

IT Leader, Town of Milton

Frank Adili is the IT leader at the Town of Milton and is responsible for supporting Town services including: Corporate Services, Community Services, Planning and Development, Executive Services, Engineering, and Fire. With the growth and demand, Frank knew he needed to use data to understand the business and drive innovation.

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Downloads & Supplementary Material

CIO Sample Report thumbail

Sample Report

Info-Tech's core CIO Business Vision is set up to apply to all organizations. Download a sample of the survey and report card you will receive from Info-Tech's core offering.

Download Report View Sample Survey
CIO Sample Educational Report thumbnail

Sample Educational Report

Info-Tech also has an education focused offering that applies directly to CIOs in the education sector. Click below for the samples of the education survey and report card.

Download Report View Sample Survey
CIO Business Vision Partipants Template thumbnail

Participant Template

Get started on the CIO Business Vision. Start collecting the participants for your survey by using this template.

Invitation Email Template thumbnail

Email Template

Get started on the CIO Business Vision. Start customizing your emails by using this template.

Six Step Business Vision Process. Available in the free Next Steps Guide download.

What's Next Is Up to You

All activities are optional and should be completed as you see fit

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Guided Implementation

Info-Tech’s dedicated team of Program Managers will facilitate this Diagnostic program remotely, providing you with a convenient, low effort, high impact experience.

We will guide you through the process with your goals in mind to deliver deep insight into your successes and areas to improve.

What You Get

Let us do the heavy lifting remotely:

  1. Collect necessary inputs and generate your custom survey
  2. Launch, maintain and support the survey in the field
  3. Provide you with response rates throughout the process
  4. Remotely send out reminders to complete the survey
  5. Close the survey when you’re ready
  6. Generate your custom report and provide you with the results fast

Then, let’s explore your results with a 1 hour call with an Executive Advisor to:

  1. Understand your results and draw insights from the data
  2. Start your action plan to address key areas

Included In Your Membership*

* Please contact your Account Manager to determine eligibility.

Onsite 5 Day Diagnostic Workshop

Info-Tech Research Group’s expert analysts will come onsite to help you facilitate this Diagnostic program, interpret the results, and help you start to implement change.

We take you through the phases of this process and ensure that you have a road map in place to improve the areas highlighted in your custom report.

What You Get

Engage your IT team onsite at your location in an innovative 5 day Diagnostic Workshop:

  1. Launch and complete the CIO Business Vision
  2. Interpret the results of your custom report
  3. Identify key insights about stakeholder management
  4. Build an improvement road map
  5. Build alignment and set priorities and accountabilities with your team
  6. Begin executing on the improvement road map
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Price: $15,000**

* Due to the nature of this Diagnostic we may recommend that portions of it be initiated prior to the onsite engagement to allow time to complete it.

** USD, price for 5 day onsite engagement, limited to one location. Contact your Account Manager for global pricing. Scope of work may be adjusted after engagement commences.

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