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To keep pace with the exponential technology curve, adopt an Exponential IT mindset and practices. Assess your organization’s readiness and embark on a transformation journey.

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An overview of Exponential IT predictions, insights, and recommendations.


Organizations are adopting exponential technologies at an accelerated rate, with or without IT.

IT must adopt an Exponential IT mindset and define its own transformation journey to not only adapt and thrive in a new technological landscape but also evolve into true organizational leaders.

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As technology becomes exponential, so must IT

Adopt an Exponential IT Framework

Today's and future generative AI capabilities have led to the next sea change for IT leaders. Exponential IT is Info-Tech's answer for IT leaders on how to adapt rather than fall behind. Our proprietary framework defines the aspirations and tactics needed for all areas of a modern IT department.


Exponential IT Keynote Presentation

As technology advances exponentially, so must your entire organization led by IT. Our keynote presentation makes a compelling case for Exponential IT with a clear vision for the future across nine IT domains.

Gauge Your Readiness to Transform

Exponential IT Readiness Diagnostic

Assess the readiness of your organization to embrace and extract value from exponential technologies. Measure executive stakeholder perceptions of organizational readiness for transformation and IT leader perceptions of IT readiness for transformation.

This readiness assessment is a crucial initial step in the Exponential IT journey to help you understand the needs, opportunities, and priorities of stakeholders across the organization.

Plan Your Exponential IT Journey

Develop an Exponential IT Roadmap

As technology advances exponentially, IT needs to undergo transformation to continue creating value for the organization. Build an actionable roadmap of initiatives towards Exponential IT, which will help shift the role of IT from Trusted Operator to true Organizational Leader.

Exponential IT beckons, but succeeding in this new world requires bold steps.

IT leaders will have to lead the charge through the inherent uncertainties and opportunities. They will have to develop and prioritize new practices, leveraging exponential technologies to create business value and results, both for IT and for their organization.

Exponential IT therefore has implications across the many capabilities of our IT Management and Governance model. Info-Tech offers an integrated set of principles across nine domains to help IT leaders change the trajectory of their organizations.

Strategy, Risk & Governance

Capitalize on the Commoditization of IT

  1. Stop being pulled, start pushing – Co-own organizational outcomes
  2. Own your seat at the table – Lead new technology governance
  3. Do more valuable work – Transform Infrastructure and Applications into utilities

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Financial & Vendor Management

Shift From Technology to Capabilities

  1. Stop experimenting, start delivering – Fund exponential value creation
  2. Add cats to the herd – Boost vendor management practices
  3. Demonstrate your value – Build outcome measurement

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People & Leadership

Lead Transformation to a Technology-First Enterprise

  1. Stop empire-building – Embrace federated and hybrid operating models
  2. Shatter the org chart – Reinvent the resource strategy
  3. Train, Invest, and Nurture – Let the workforce be with you

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Service Planning & Architecture

Deliver Organizational Capabilities

  1. Fasten your seatbelts – Shift from service to outcome delivery
  2. Stop siloed applications – Create integrated enterprise services
  3. Get into the weeds – Architect business capabilities

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Infrastructure & Operations

Focus on Value Over Assets

  1. Give up control – Let AI take over core operations
  2. Become a banker – Implement FinOps
  3. Lean into autonomous provisioning – Abstract away the underlying infrastructure

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Security & Privacy

Shift From Reactive to Predictive

  1. Assume they are more sophisticated than you – Defend against AI-enabled attacks
  2. Go back to the drawing board – Mitigate rampant privacy risks
  3. Overcome your hesitation – Enable autonomous decision making

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Move From Applications to Organizational Capabilities

  1. Deliver continuously (finally) – Use AI and ML to drive automation
  2. Ban one-offs – Double down on platforms
  3. Don’t be just a partner – Create true co-owners

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Data & Analytics

Make Data Capabilities a Differentiator

  1. Go beyond analytics – Treat data as a product
  2. Use data as the lifeblood – Augment your data for more value
  3. Default to AI – Team up DataOps with MLOps

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Project & Portfolio Management

Automate & Focus on High-Value Activities

  1. Solve problems, not calendars – Automate traditional PMO capabilities
  2. Plan in real time – Let AI run ongoing resource allocation
  3. Trust, but verify – Enable true accountability

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