Exponential IT Readiness Diagnostic

IT leaders must adapt immediately to exponential advancements in technology led by Gen AI. Start your journey here.

Gauge your organization’s readiness to adapt in an era of rapid technological advancement, and determine IT’s readiness to lead that transformation.

As organizations strive to succeed in the next phase of technology-driven transformation, CIOs have an opportunity to demonstrate their organizational leadership.

If IT leaders cannot lead this upcoming transformation, then the organization will move forward without them.


of CXOs report that their IT departments struggle to adequately support the organization, stuck in unstable or firefighter mode.


of CXOs believe that their IT department must reach the highest level of Info-Tech’s IT maturity ladder to best serve the organization in the future. 42% of CIOs agree.

*Source: Info-Tech’s CXO-CIO diagnostic data, 2023; n=229

Assess organizational readiness

Collect feedback from key stakeholders to measure how ready your organization is to extract value from exponential technologies.

Understand stakeholder perceptions of organizational readiness in five key dimensions

Understand perceptions of the organization’s readiness to transform its strategy, governance and risk, capabilities, relationships and partnerships, and culture.

Identify organizational units that have the strongest need to transform and can do so the fastest

Assess and compare transformation needs of key stakeholders and their functional units within the organization to identify potential areas of risk and opportunity for IT-led transformation or pilot initiatives.

Assess IT readiness

Understand IT leaders’ perception of the IT department’s readiness to pursue Exponential IT.

Understand IT leader perceptions of IT readiness in nine key domains

Understand IT leaders’ confidence in their department’s ability to support the organization’s transformation, and identify areas within IT that are most and least ready.

Review the details of each IT domain’s score

Deep dive into measures within each IT domain to better understand where to prioritize efforts and inform your Exponential IT roadmap.

Collect stakeholder sentiment to inform your roadmap

Understand the sentiment of key stakeholders to better prioritize your roadmap initiatives and build your communication plan.

Measure and compare key stakeholder perceptions

Identify potential partners and detractors for IT within the rest of the organization based on their perceptions of the organization’s readiness and their own eagerness to transform within their organizational unit.

Get the right insights to build your Exponential IT roadmap

Leverage the results to help you better prioritize the initiatives in your Exponential IT roadmap and build your communication plan.

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This readiness assessment is a crucial initial step in the Exponential IT journey to help you understand the needs, opportunities, and priorities of stakeholders across the organization. Leverage the results to inform the creation and prioritization of initiatives in your Exponential IT roadmap.

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