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What makes workshops better?

Over the course of five days, our expert facilitators help you complete a key initiative, work through critical project deliverables, and train your team. We use a learning-based approach to implement Info-Tech methodologies tailored to your unique situation.

Why Workshops?


Get 90% of Any Project Done in 5 Days

Spend 5 intense and focused days to collapse project timelines and make major project decisions.

Use our proven and road-tested methodologies to get your project done quickly and effectively.

Hundreds of project and process workshops available to help with any topic that is important to you.


High Value, Standard US$20,000, No-Hassle Negotiating

No-hassle negotiating and scoping, always a US$20,000 flat rate across all projects.

Gain and share expertise over a variety of short, focused engagements, instead of one, longer term consulting project.

High value engagements not long run-away consulting projects that never end.


An Intense, Collaborative Learning Experience

Workshop materials have been rigorously road-tested and built on industry best practices.

Develop and train your team through collaboration with our expert facilitators.

Extend your team by drawing on our analysts across a wide range of specialties.


Proven Results

Since launching the product, Info-Tech has delivered over 200 onsite workshops with an overall satisfaction rating of 9.8/10

96% of workshop participants rate the effectiveness of the expert facilitators at an 8 out of 10 or higher

On average, workshops save our members $56,411 per engagement*

What our clients are saying


“The documentation that supports the program was shared with us during and after the session in the form of heat maps, business capabilities models, and architecture diagrams. These documents were practical and effective in our discussions with stakeholders.”

Serge Parisien
Manager, Enterprise Architecture
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation


“I accomplished my goals of trying to create the strategic pillars and having a structure that would live on for years to come, as well as getting into the weeds on the things we want to get very specific on for the next three years. With Info-Tech’s help, we accomplished both.”

Dave Roach
Chief Information Officer
Kadlec Regional Medical Center


“We started seeing results from the Agile workshop almost immediately. This was apparent through more team collaboration, IT and product engagement, and more measurable business value through enhancements delivered to production for our customers in shorter development cycles.”

Mark Hubbard
Chief Information Officer
Fundserv Inc.

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