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What makes workshops better?

Over the course of five days, our expert facilitators help you complete a key initiative, work through critical project deliverables, and train your team. We use a learning-based approach to implement Info-Tech methodologies tailored to your unique situation.

  • Drive Measurable Results in Just 5 Days
  • An Intense Collaborative Learning Experience
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What Types of Workshops Do We Offer?

Whether you’re looking to accelerate project timelines, implement or improve a core IT process, increase the skillset of your team, or get third-party validation on a key project, Info-Tech offers four different types of workshop experiences – each geared to helping you achieve a specific goal.

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Strategic Workshops

Strategic workshops help you build consensus on how IT will support business capabilities in the future.

Sample: IT Strategy

Process Workshops

Process workshops help you design and map out a draft version of a broken, incomplete, or non-existent process.

Sample: Change Management

Training Workshops

Training workshops help you train your team on specific skillsets providing them with the "how to" not just the "what to."

Sample: Requirements Gathering

Technology Workshops

Technology workshops help you build a strategy for a specific technology your organization is looking to leverage.

Sample: ERP Foundations

Discover Our Workshops


Workshops Delivered

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Rapidly Develop a Visual IT Strategy

Create an IT strategy based on business needs, not just intuition. Furthermore, it is no longer enough to generate a text document and call it an IT strategy. Stakeholder attention spans are growin...

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Standardize the Service Desk

IT and business leaders understand the importance of the service desk, which consistently ranks as one of the most important services that IT provides. This project will help you build essential in...

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Build an Information Security Strategy

Technology sophistication and business adoption, the proliferation of hacking techniques, and the expansion of hacking motivations from financial to now social, political, or strategic motivations ...

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Develop a Project Portfolio Management Strategy

With the right PPM strategy, IT leaders can enable executive decision makers to make sense of the excess of project demand and prioritize those initiatives that are of the most value to the busines...

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Create a Right-Sized Disaster Recovery Plan

Create an effective, right-sized DRP: discover current capabilities, define business requirements, and close gaps to deliver service continuity.

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Enable Shared Insights With an Effective Data Governance Engine

Hearing the word governance can trigger thoughts of bureaucracy, but when done correctly, governance provides an enabling structure for making better use of data. Following Info-Tech’s approach to ...

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Create a Plan for Establishing a Business-Aligned Data Management Practice

This blueprint will help you design a data management practice that will allow your organization to use data as a strategic enabler.

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Design & Build a User-Facing Service Catalog

The user-facing service catalog is the go-to place for IT service-related information. The catalog defines, documents, and organizes the services that IT delivers to the organization. The catalog a...

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Develop a Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan knits together every aspect of your organization, making it potentially the most complex project you’ll take on.

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Optimize Change Management

This project will help you establish a right-sized change management process that allows you to balance the needs of the stakeholders requesting the change with the risk the change poses to the inf...

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Create a Service Management Roadmap

Delivering high quality and high value IT services to the business through a service management program should be a priority for every IT organization. Follow Info-Tech’s methodology to create a se...

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Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects

Successful projects are the #1 driver of satisfaction with IT, but most organizations struggle to achieve consistent project success. Inject project management best practices into your planning and...

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Migrate to Office 365 Now

Often, the IT manager, director, or even the CIO cannot determine or comprehensively identify how the applications, services, and capabilities within his/her Office suite and relevant applications ...

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Establish a Concrete ERP Foundation

Align the goals, objectives, and metrics of your ERP initiative with organizational objectives to maximize the potential for full benefits realization. Provide IT with the tools needed to sell and ...

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Document and Maintain Your Disaster Recovery Plan

The traditional DRP “red binder” is dead. It takes too long to create, it’s too hard to maintain, and it’s not usable in a crisis.

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Build a Strong Approach to Business Requirements Gathering

Poor requirements are the number one reason that projects fail – take a strategic approach to optimizing requirements gathering in order to give the business what it needs.

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Redesign Your IT Organizational Structure

Organizational design is the alignment of organizational structure, roles, and processes to execute on business strategy – the better aligned the organization is, the more effective it is. For opti...

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Redesign IT Governance to Drive Optimal Business Results

For many organizations, current IT governance often does not address the changing goals, risks, or context of the organization so IT spend is not easily linked to value. Moreover, the right people ...

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Build a Next Generation BI with a Game-Changing BI Strategy

Business needs are continually shifting and evolving; it’s essential that BI providers are able to stay in step with their users and effectively enable decision making. Construct a BI strategy for ...

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Plan and Execute a Digital Transformation

The age of digital has created new ways for organizations and customers to form relationships. To survive, organizations must digitally transform to fit customer needs. Take Info-Tech’s customer-ce...

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Kick-Start IT-Led Business Innovation

IT can employ innovation to optimize and transform the way the organization operates and serves its customers – if it earns the right to contribute first. Start leading innovation now to demonstrat...

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Implement IT Asset Management

Executives are aware of the benefits asset management offers, but many organizations lack a defined ITAM program. Efforts to implement ITAM are stalled because organizations feel overwhelmed naviga...

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Implement Agile Practices That Work

Development teams are under increasing pressure to perform more in less time with the same amount of resources while remaining aligned to business priorities. They are looking to Agile to help them...

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Fast Track Your GDPR Compliance Efforts

The GDPR enforcement deadline is here. Organizations must understand the risk of non-compliance and what the ramifications may mean for their reputation and future revenue. There is no one-size-fit...

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What our clients are saying


"The documentation that supports the program was shared with us during and after the session in the form of heat maps, business capabilities models, and architecture diagrams. These documents were practical and effective in our discussions with stakeholders."

Serge Parisien
Manager, Enterprise Architecture
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation


"I accomplished my goals of trying to create the strategic pillars and having a structure that would live on for years to come, as well as getting into the weeds on the things we want to get very specific on for the next three years. With Info-Tech’s help, we accomplished both."

Dave Roach
Chief Information Officer
Kadlec Regional Medical Center


"We started seeing results from the Agile workshop almost immediately. This was apparent through more team collaboration, IT and product engagement, and more measurable business value through enhancements delivered to production for our customers in shorter development cycles."

Mark Hubbard
Chief Information Officer
Fundserv Inc.

Truckee Meadows Water Authority

"Carving out time to focus on strategy is tough. But being able to lock the team in a room has a tremendous amount of value. Without this blocked time it would have taken a lot longer. The time savings are so great, they can’t be measured."

Levi Kleiber
Manager, Business Information Systems
Truckee Meadows Water Authority