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Info-Tech LIVE 2024

Exponential IT: Bridging Theory & Practice for IT Leaders

Join us at Info-Tech LIVE for a practical, real-world perspective on how IT can take a leading role, as new technologies including generative AI cause major disruption to business models and technology solutions.

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New LIVE 2024 Training Extensions​

Extend your experience at Info-Tech LIVE with a half-day training session on cybersecurity or AI or a full-day training session on women leading IT. These sessions leverage course material from our latest Training & Development programs. Each session offers an interactive group session and practical skills development.

September 16, 2024
AI Workforce Development

Build an AI Proof of Value Framework

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September 16, 2024
Cybersecurity Workforce Development

Security Incident Management

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September 19-20, 2024
Women Leading IT

Architect Your Career

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CIO Roundtable Series

Exponential technologies such as generative AI are changing organizations and industries at a rapid pace and bringing unprecedented opportunities and risks for IT. In response, IT must alter its linear pace of change – immediately and strategically – to remain the leading technology provider for its organization.

Discover the future of IT in an engaging keynote session! Learn about the latest trends, and how they'll shape your organization. Then, join top CIOs for a roundtable discussion. Share insights, gain strategies, and connect with peers. Don't miss this chance to transform your IT leadership. Reserve your spot now.

Scott Mullan
Vice President, Contract & Cost Optimization & Vendor Management

Vendor Contract &
Cost Optimization Series

Dive into strategies that streamline expenses, improve terms, and maximize value. Learn from industry experts, gain insights on negotiation tactics, and discover innovative tools to optimize contracts and drive savings. Register now to revolutionize your approach to cost management!

Scott Mullan has decades of experience in IT executive sales leadership, sales management, sales, consulting, and business proprietorship.

Info-Tech Research Group’s IT Vendor Cost Optimization practice has deep expertise with technologies that matter most, allowing us to guide you toward right-sized, sustainable IT vendor agreements that deliver value.

Leadership Programs

Our 90 Minute IT Leadership Masterclasses are designed to be both engaging and interactive, allowing participants to learn from peers and support the operationalization of key concepts.

These sessions are conveniently structured to accommodate busy schedules.

We offer research-based learning programs that are curated from the latest trends, enabling IT professionals to drive the future of work. These programs go beyond the ‘what’ by providing actionable tools and templates.

Our masterclasses are facilitated by experienced leadership subject matter experts who provide valuable insights and guidance to foster behavior change. Additionally, our programs are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the IT workforce, addressing the challenges presented by an exponentially evolving IT landscape.

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5-Day Training Program IT Management Playbook

Online, facilitator-led program

These programs are typically offered annually. The next set will likely be offered Spring/Summer of 2024

Management Playbooks are immersive, 5-day, role-specific training programs that focus on developing IT management practices to help you systematically improve your IT department. We cover four key IT disciplines – CIO, Applications, Infrastructure, and Security – with course delivery including both common elements as well as role-specific breakout sessions. Participants in each Playbook event will identify, discuss, and understand the key metrics, initiatives, processes, and time management practices required to run a top-notch IT shop.

You'll spend the week developing and completing an IT Management Playbook. Bring it back to your shop to immediately apply everything you've learned. All activities, scenarios, and workshop exercises have been crafted to maximize the value of your time, and to unlock the power of collaborative learning from both our industry experts and your IT peers.

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