Why Buy an Info-Tech Membership?

We know how valuable your time is. We’ve designed this page so you can quickly and easily understand the real benefits of an Info-Tech membership. Then, you can make an informed purchasing decision and move forward with a plan that works for you and your organization.

On this page you'll find:

  • Short videos that outline each of the ways we directly help members
  • Research samples for you to review from the eight IT roles we service
  • Case studies and testimonials from actual Info-Tech members
  • A customizable proposal generator to give you accurate pricing for our services

Explore all of the ways Info-Tech can help you achieve measurable improvement and data-driven results.

What We Do

Info-Tech's core service commitment is to provide you with best-practice IT research and roadmaps to make your job easier by improving your IT department.

Through our tools and templates, step-by-step methodologies, benchmarking and diagnostic programs, training and executive coaching, and the insights and advice of over 30,000 members, we help you in five key ways.

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Evaluate Research Samples

Explore the reports below and download the one most relevant to you to see the depth and breadth of our advisory service expertise.

Case Studies

MasterBrand Cabinets

MasterBrand Cabinets leveraged Info-Tech research to save 1 to 2 months on its Identity Access Management Project.

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Hospital for Sick Children

The Hospital for Sick Children leveraged Info-Tech Research Group's services to ground a business proposal for a $2.5 million, Phase 2 DR plan.

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Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza leveraged Info-Tech Research Group's services to virtualize 85% of its servers and to implement a $250,000 Disaster Recovery Plan.

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Client Testimonials

Our in-depth diagnostics are the engine behind our data-driven membership program. They provide the data needed to effectively lead IT strategy and align IT to the business. Watch the client stories below to find out how our diagnostics helped them become strategic IT leaders.

Ken Platt

IT Leader, Learning Resources Inc.

Ken Platt is the shared services CTO of Learning Resources Inc. and leads an IT group that serves over 350 people. He used the CIO Business Vision diagnostic over 3 years to drive a 20% increase in stakeholder satisfaction and become a strategic business partner.

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Frank Adili

IT Leader, Town of Milton

Frank Adili is the IT leader at the Town of Milton and is responsible for supporting community and corporate services. Frank knew he needed to use data to understand the business and drive innovation.

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