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We are currently finalizing our 2020 events schedule.

Management Playbooks are immersive, 5-day, role-specific training programs that focus on developing IT management practices to help you systematically improve your IT department. We cover four key IT disciplines – CIO, Applications, Infrastructure, and Security – with course delivery including both common elements as well as role-specific breakout sessions. Participants in each Playbook event will identify, discuss, and understand the key metrics, initiatives, processes, and time management practices required to run a top-notch IT shop.

You'll spend the week developing and completing an IT Management Playbook. Bring it back to your shop to immediately apply everything you've learned. All activities, scenarios, and workshop exercises have been crafted to maximize the value of your time, and to unlock the power of collaborative learning from both our industry experts and your IT peers.



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Why Attend
Info-Tech Training Program?

  1. Develop and deploy the skills that are critical to IT managers and leaders.
  2. Peer-to-peer discovery and learning in a safe and stimulating environment.
  3. Master the link between IT initiatives and company strategy as proposed by business stakeholders.
  4. Streamline processes to improve individual and organizational performance.
  5. Experiential learning that allows you to practice and implement tactics immediately.
  6. Mixed learning that combines individual contribution, in-depth group conversation, and the creation of a comprehensive management playbook.

Feedback From Recent Training Program Attendees

  • 90% would recommend the program to someone else
  • The program received a 9.5/10 on applicability of materials
  • The material received a 9.2/10 for insightfulness

"In the end we retain from our studies only that which we practically apply."


In this spirit, we design all of our training programs.

Session Breakdowns

Master Your Schedule

IT managers spend most of their time running from meeting to meeting and wearing different hats. Explore where leaders can save time by leveraging time & meeting management best practices.

Know Your Top 10 IT Metrics

It can be difficult for IT leaders to identify the most important metrics to monitor closely and target for improvement. Identify the IT disciplines that should be core to each IT discipline and create a plan to meaningfully measure these metrics moving forward.

Link Your IT Activities to Your Business

Examine the foundations of your organization’s business strategy and decision-making. Craft a strategic plan that accurately uncovers the business context to positively influence IT initiatives into the future.

Decide Your Top 10 IT Initiatives

Explore the top initiatives IT managers must master in order to maximize business value. Expand on three key initiatives that align with your business context. Learn to articulate the business value that these initiatives bring.

Craft Your Action Plan

Building on the week's lessons, work with Info-Tech’s executive advisors to accurately reflect resource allocation, strategic next steps, and time allocation to conclude your playbook design.

The Venue

The Concert Hall, Toronto ON

888 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M4W 2J2

The Concert Hall in Toronto is the former meeting place of the Masons, whose origins trace back to medieval Britain. Constructed in 1918, the temple's concert hall played host to many legendary musicians, including: The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and The Who. In 2013, Info-Tech Research Group purchased the historic Masonic Temple from Bell Media. The Concert Hall is now home to Info-Tech's Toronto Office and Innovation Lab.

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We are currently finalizing our 2020 events schedule.