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Running an IT shop is not easy... Planning is critical to your success!

5 day, role-specific training programs to help you systematically improve your IT department.

We cover 5 key disciplines:

  • CIO
  • Apps
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Data

Participants in each Playbook event will identify, discuss, and understand the key metrics, process improvement methodologies and ownership, business value sources, and stakeholder management frameworks required to run a top-notch IT shop.

You’ll spend the week developing a management playbook for your department. Bring it back to your shop to immediately apply everything you’ve learned. This training program provides value for your time by unlocking the power of collaborative learning from both industry experts and your peers.



Build a cohesive playbook by registering your entire IT leadership team. Contact us for group pricing.

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Why Attend?

  1. Immersive, Role-specific TrainingCovers four key IT disciplines: CIO, Applications, Infrastructure, and Security. Focuses on developing IT management practices to help you systematically improve your IT department.
  2. Collaborate & Learn From Your PeersCollaborate and leverage your team and other industry experts to complete all activities and outputs in your playbook.
  3. Connect With Industry ExpertsPlaybook gives you the exclusive opportunity to meet with our world-class research analysts, as well as industry experts.
  4. Develop Your NetworkNetworking via small group breakouts expand your learning during Playbook.
  5. Walk Away With a Plan to Execute onBuild a playbook that allows you and your team to successfully execute on your core process improvements and strategic direction.

Feedback From Recent Training Program Attendees

  • 90% would recommend the program to someone else
  • The program received a 9.5/10 on applicability of materials
  • The material received a 9.2/10 for insightfulness

"In the end we retain from our studies only that which we practically apply."


In this spirit, we design all of our training programs.

Session Breakdowns

CIO Playbook

Business Context

Elicit the business goals and identify strategic initiatives that are most important to the organization.

Digital Business Strategy

A value-driven approach to digital transformation that allows you to identify what aspects of the business to transform, what technologies to embrace, what processes to automate, and what new business models to create.

IT Strategy

Align with the business by creating an IT strategy that documents the business context, key initiatives, and a strategic roadmap. To create a business-aligned IT strategy, you must understand what the business does and what the business will need. Only then can a carefully thought-out, strategic and tactical plan be created for execution.

Vendor Management

Effective vendor management is essential to ensure you receive the forecasted value from your vendors. This session will show you the benefits of a vendor management initiative in supporting your goals and objectives. You will learn why you should classify your vendor ecosystem and leverage a maturity gap assessment to create a 90 day 1-and 2-year vendor management maturity or implementation roadmap.

IT Governance

Identify the need for governance in your organization including demand and resource management, project approval and intake processes that will set you up for success to execute on your key strategic initiatives.

Applications Playbook

Applications Portfolio Management

Application portfolio management (APM) helps you transform your applications into a cohesive service catalog aligned to your business capabilities. Deliver More Value From Your Application Portfolio by understanding key practices such as application rationalization and modernization to help you become a trusted partner.

Digital Product Vision

Product organizations are under pressure to align the value they provide to the organization’s goals and overall company vision. You need to clearly convey your direction, strategy, and tactics to gain alignment, support, and funding from your organization. Build a product vision your organization can take from strategy through execution.

Agile Practices

It’s important to know that Agile transformation is a journey that will involve your entire organization and often requires a phased approach to be successful. Organizations that are accustomed to Waterfall often move initially to an iterative (aka Wagile*) approach before moving to a more fully Agile approach. Learn about Info-Tech’s step-by-step journey to agile transformation.

Data Strategy

Put a strategy in place to ensure data is available, accessible, well integrated, secured, of acceptable quality, and suitably visualized to fuel organization-wide decision making. Start treating data as strategic and corporate asset.

Project Portfolio Management Strategy

With the right PPM strategy, IT leaders can enable executive decision makers to make sense of the excess of project demand and prioritize those initiatives that are of the most value to the business — and that align with IT’s capacity to deliver.

Security Playbook

Security Strategy

Ensure alignment with business objectives, assess organizational risk and stakeholder expectations, enable a comprehensive current state assessment, and prioritize initiatives and building out a security roadmap.

Security Policies

Enhance your overall security posture with a defensible and prescriptive policy suite.

Data Classification

Understand where your data lives and who has access to it so that you can develop an appropriate data classification system by conducting interviews with data owners and by incorporating vendor solutions to make the process more manageable and end-user friendly.

Security Awareness & Training

Cyber attackers target your end users, who remain today’s weakest link in organizational security. Design and deliver an effective and up-to-date training program to properly prepare your end users to effectively defend your organization against security threats.

Risk Management

Develop a security risk management program to create a standardized methodology for assessing and managing the risk that information systems face.

Infrastructure Playbook

Infrastructure Roadmap

Follow the roadmap process to better interface with the business, becoming true strategic partners by aligning Infrastructure’s work with business value.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Create an effective, right- sized DRP: discover current capabilities, define business requirements, and close gaps to deliver service continuity.


Define your automation suite in terms of your business goals. Take stock of what you have now: RPA, AIOps, chatbots. Think about how to integrate and optimize what you have now, as well as roadmap your continual improvement.

Cloud Management

Evaluate workloads’ suitability for the cloud using Info-Tech’s methodology to select the optimal migration (or non- migration) path based on the value of cloud characteristics. Build a roadmap of initiatives for actions by workload and risk mitigation. Define a cloud vision to share with stakeholders.

Reduce the Chaos

The ability to respond and recover quickly from unplanned incidents is a critical path in becoming a strategic and trusted partner for the business.

Virtual, Facilitator Led Program

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