45 comprehensive, connected methodologies
for improving core IT processes.

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IT Management & Governance Framework

Strategy & Governance

Financial Management

People & Resources

Service Planning & Architecture

Infrastructure & Operations

Security & Risk


Data & BI

PPM & Projects

Each element within the framework provides a comprehensive set of material and tools to help you understand best practices and improve each core IT process.

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Info-Tech has helped thousands of IT leaders build a World Class IT department through our IT Management & Governance Framework.

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We help members with a comprehensive and connected program based in COBIT and ITIL to ensure consistency across all 45 core IT processes.

Our program is focused on creating a repeatable and systematic way of getting things done in your IT department, reducing variability, and eliminating “hero” culture. This version 5.0 release is a continual evolution of our on-going effort to help IT leaders optimize process.

IT Management & Governance Framework

IT Management & Governance Framework

Using our IT Management & Governance Framework empowers IT leaders to improve processes while breaking down the walls across silos. Processes are not performed in isolation in applications, infrastructure, or helpdesk, and your initiatives shouldn't be either.

Our products and services are easy to use, actionable, and intended to drive measurable value within your IT department.

Step 1

Assign process ownership and accountability

World class leaders ensure they have clear process ownership and accountability. They have a name next to each process.

Step 2

Assess department's strengths and weaknesses

Beyond ownership and accountability, they analyze their department’s strengths and weaknesses on an annual basis and assess which root causes to address and systematically improve the IT department.

Step 3

Annual roadmap

World class leaders focus on the most important processes that they believe will drive the success of the organization and they build an annual roadmap for improvement. They inspire their team with a vision that involves continual improvement and celebrate each team member's impact.

Step 4

Track progress, measure effort, and assess the improvement

World class leaders ensure that they keep track of their team’s efforts, measure the time and resources dedicated to process improvement, and ensure that the business realizes measurable value.

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IT Management
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