Policy and Procedure Management

Why should you care?

  • Policy is the foundation of organizational management. Participation in policy initiatives helps to build a consistent and positive work environment that is reflective of enterprise culture.
  • Many enterprise policies require IT support to be implemented, monitored and enforced. Proactive involvement from IT in the area of policy development and implementation will help ensure enforceability.
  • IT is a process-intensive field. Setting rules in the form of policy and methodologies for their application in the form of procedures facilitates smooth and cost-effective IT operations.
  • Standards are critical tools for communicating and setting expectations. A standard set of rules and methods creates efficiencies, facilitates training, and reduces waste.
  • Compliance demands are everywhere. Modern-day legal and regulatory directives mandate transparent, enforceable and measurable control documents in the form of written policies and procedures.

Why use OptimizeIT for your Policy and Procedure Management?

  1. You get a complete set of Policy and Procedure Management tools all in one place.
  2. You have the ability to pick and choose individual tools as required to meet current needs or those of partially completed projects.
  3. You can document common Policy and Procedure Management practices for easy reference when you need them.
  4. You’ll be able to assess policy and procedure needs to arrive at concrete numbers and clear recommendations for action.
  5. You can make decisions to maximize existing opportunities and put the foundation in place to take advantage of future ones.

What You’ll Get From the Policy and Procedure Management Program

We’ll supply the tools to help you...

Capture processes:

  • Select a framework for managing processes from which policies and procedures can be extracted.
  • Identify existing processes and process gaps.
  • Record and maintain an up-to-date process portfolio.

Develop documentation:

  • Inventory and assess your collection of policies and procedures.
  • Create realistic policies and procedures using proven methods.
  • Gain approval for policies and procedures prior to final rollout.

Enforce rules:

  • Properly plan and successfully execute policy and procedure implementation.
  • Monitor policy adherence and deal with violations.
  • Measure the overall effectiveness of a policy or procedure’s performance with an eye toward improvement.

You’ll Have Access to a Complete Toolbox:

  • Process Framework Selection Guide
  • Process Inventory Tool
  • Process Interview Template
  • Process Gap Assessment Tool
  • Business Process Profile Template
  • Guide to Process Mapping
  • Process Management Software Readiness Assessment
  • Policy and Procedure Development Guide
  • Policy/Procedure Inventory Tool
  • Information Technology Standards and Guidelines Tool
  • Policy Needs/Gap Assessment Tool
  • Policy/Procedure Stakeholders List
  • Policy/Procedure Work Team Selection Tool
  • Stakeholders’ Requirements Interview Template
  • Policy/Procedure Requirements Template
  • Policy/Procedure Change Impact Assessment
  • Policy Template
  • Procedure Template
  • Department Policy and Procedure Manual Template
  • Policy/Procedure Review Communication Letter
  • Draft Review Form
  • Policy/Procedure Approval Form
  • Policy/Procedure Implementation Plan
  • Policy/Procedure Communication Plan Template
  • Policy/Procedure Training Plan Template
  • Policy/Procedure Implementation Checklist
  • Technology Use Monitoring Policy
  • Policy/Procedure Reports List
  • Policy Violation Escalation Procedure
  • Policy Violation Log
  • Policy Violation Letter
  • Policy/Procedure Performance Report
  • Policy/Procedure Review Schedule
  • Policy/Procedure Review Checklist

Measurable Results:

  • Capture business processes that form the basis of policy and procedure development.
  • Create effective and enforceable policy documents that are compliant, consistent, fair and reflective of enterprise culture.
  • Thoroughly document the enterprise policy and procedure portfolio and have a strategy for managing it over the long term.
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