IT Strategic Investment and Value Roadmap

At this stage, you know all of the things that IT could do to help support company objectives and priorities. Now you need to sort through what IT should do, when and how.

The purpose of the IT Investment and Value Roadmap is to take all of the improvement opportunities, Applications, Technology and Organization, and:

  • Evaluate their relative importance based on business value and cost.
  • Determine interdependencies (e.g., need to develop a new skill-set before adopting a piece of technology).
  • Combine opportunities into projects.
  • Set milestones for completing projects over the planning horizon.
  • Estimate the impact of the investments required on the IT budget.

The IT Investment and Value Roadmap involves the following steps:

  1. Define Strategic IT Initiatives.
  2. Determine IT Initiative Priorities.
  3. Prepare Strategic Roadmap.
  4. Determine Budget Impact.
  5. Communicate IT Strategic Roadmap and Obtain Approval.
  6. Maintain IT Strategic Roadmap.

When you have completed the IT Investment and Value Roadmap program you will have:

  • An agreed list of key projects or initiatives.
  • Agreed priority, sequence and timing for strategic initiatives.
  • Recognition of the implications of the IT strategy on the IT budget.

The IT Investment and Value Roadmap should be revisited periodically – at least quarterly or when corporate management re-evaluates company priorities.

IT Strategy

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