Project Management Lite

Why should you care?

  • Projects and project management continue to play a large role in organizations.
  • The amount of project management literature is overwhelming and often leads to heavy and cumbersome processes.
  • Applying a heavy project management discipline adds unnecessary costs and impedes the timely delivery of solutions.
  • Not all organizations or projects require software specifically designed for project management, nor do they have the people and skills needed to use the software.
  • Projects must follow a disciplined approach to avoid work chaos.

Why use OptimizeIT for your Project Management Framework?

  1. Applying just the right amount of project management discipline improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the work done and ensures a better result.
  2. The PM Lite OptimizeIT program provides the guidance on creating and executing a project management process that alleviates unnecessary costs and fits the needs of small to mid-sized projects.
  3. The program does not assume specialized skills and tools to accomplish the project management activities needed to improve good process discipline.

What You’ll Get From Project Management Lite

We’ll supply the tools to help you develop...

  • Improved consistency in approach, communication and reporting on a project.
  • A comprehensive process guide, coupled with a robust set of tools & templates, ready for use to support project management activities.

You’ll Have Access to a Complete Toolbox:

Plan the Project:

  • Light Project Management Process Guide
  • Project Definition Statement
  • Project Planning Tool
  • Project Milestones Report

Manage the Project:

  • Kick-off Meeting Agenda
  • Project Monitoring Tool
  • Project Team Meeting Agenda
  • Project Sponsor Meeting Agenda
  • Meeting Follow-up Template

Close the Project:

  • Project Acceptance Form
  • Project Debrief Report
  • Performance Feedback Form

Measurable Results:

  • Save time and money by putting appropriate focus on IT’s project management.
  • Avoid disappointment of missed commitments or cost over-runs.
  • Build project management capabilities without expensive software or training.
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