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Don’t let IT’s value get lost in translation. Effective communication skills are critical to IT success.

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IT Communications Are Critical

Effective communication is the cornerstone to a successful IT organization. It can lead to better buy-in, improve stakeholder satisfaction, and ultimately improve IT's reputation with the organization.

But, like any technical skill, communication requires training and practice. Use our practical resources to build the foundation for effective communication in your IT organization.

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Effective Communications Are:

Consistent: The message remains the same regardless of the audience, channel, or messenger.

Concise: Communicate the message concisely, without losing the intent of the communication.

Clear: Anyone could understand what you are trying to convey. The audience does not need a technological background to follow the communication.

Engaging: The message should always grab the attention of the audience and lead to dialogue between all stakeholders involved.

Relevant: The audience receiving the communication wants to hear the message and will be able to respond in the desired manner.

Internal IT Communications

IT Activities & Tactics

Enable the right communications within IT and with business stakeholders when it comes to specific activities.

Historically, IT has struggled to communicate effectively:

Using technical jargon when a universal language is needed.

Speaking at organizational stakeholders rather than engaging through dialogue.

Not understanding the needs of the audience.

To meet today’s expectations for IT, a proactive approach to effective communications is required.

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