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Make Prudent Decisions When Increasing Your Salesforce Footprint

Organizations that fail to take an enterprise platform approach to Salesforce risk overspending.

Salesforce uses not only a land-and-expand approach but also a divide-and-conquer approach across your business units and geographic locations for services. Organizations that fail to take an enterprise platform approach to Salesforce risk overspending.

Your Challenge

  • Achieving economics of scale. Centralize purchasing instead of small deals to maximize discount percentage. Organizations often do not negotiate deeper discounts as volumes increase or neglect to negotiate price holds.
  • Not knowing what to negotiate. Critical components of every agreement that need to be negotiated are a renewal escalation cap, term protection, and license metrics to document what comes with each service edition including re-bundling protection.
  • Beware of complex integrations. Integrations with ERP and other applications must be proactively managed to ensure updates/upgrades are managed so integrations that are based on different schedules for each solution do not fail.

Our Solution

  • Our approach helps educate your organization on Salesforce’s licensing methods and contract types, enabling informed purchasing decisions aligned to the organizational roadmap.
  • Our methodology helps you understand and manage volume purchasing decisions, economics of scale, and consolidated pricing. Once an agreement has been signed, it can be very difficult to decrease spend, as Salesforce will re-price products if licenses are dropped.
  • Our approach is practical and tactical. We map out how to negotiate from a position of strength, examining terms and conditions, discount percentages, and agreement pitfalls.
  • Our program will provide insight into Salesforce’s massive and continuously growing eco-system that allows partners to fill in niche spaces with products built on Force.com.
  • Our program helps you understand the need for comprehensive forecasting/demand management tools, surprise add-ons (e.g. additional sandbox) and variable cost components (e.g. storage per user per edition) which requires a reference guide due to complexity.

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Published: April 29, 2016
Last Revised: April 29, 2016

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