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2020 CIO Priorities Report

Leveraging emerging technologies to enhance the business value of IT.

  • The velocity and magnitude of technology changes today has increased dramatically compared to anything that has come before.
  • The velocity and magnitude of advancements in technology has always seemed unprecedented in every wave of technology change we have experienced over the past 40 years. With each new wave of innovation, “unprecedented” is redefined to a new level, and so it remains true that today’s CIO is faced with unprecedented levels of change as a direct result of emerging technologies.
  • What is different today is that we are at the point where the emerging technology itself is now capable of accelerating the pace of change even more through artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • If we are to realize the business value through the adoption of emerging technologies, CIOs must address significant challenges. We believe addressing these challenges lies in the CIO priorities for 2020.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • First there was IT/business alignment, then there was IT/business integration – both states characterized as IT “getting on the same page” as the business. In the context of emerging technologies, the CIO should no longer be focused on getting on the same page as the CEO.
  • Today it is about the CEO and the CIO collaborating to write a new book about convergence of all things: technology (infrastructure and applications), people (including vendors), process, and data.
  • Digital transformation and adoption of emerging technologies is not a goal, it is a journey – a means to the end, not the end unto itself.

Impact and Result

  • Use Info-Tech's 2020 CIO Priorities Report to ascertain, based on our research, what areas of focus for 2020 are critical for success in adopting emerging technologies.
  • Adopting these technologies requires careful planning and consideration for what is critical to your business customers.
  • This report provides focus on the business benefits of the technology and not just the capabilities themselves. It puts the CIO in a position to better understand the true value proposition of any of today’s technology advancements.

2020 CIO Priorities Report Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to understand the top five priorities for CIOs in 2020 and why these are so critical to success.

1. Refine and adapt processes

Learn about how processes can make or break your adoption of emerging technologies.

2. Re-invent IT as collaboration engine

Learn about how IT can transform its role within the organization to optimize business value.

3. Acquire and retain talent for roles in emerging technologies

Learn about how IT can attract and keep employees with the skills and knowledge needed to adopt these technologies for the business.

4. Define and manage cybersecurity and cyber resilience requirements related to emerging technologies

Understand how the adoption of emerging technologies has created new levels of risk and how cybersecurity and resilience can keep pace.

5. Leverage emerging technology to create Wow! customer experiences

Learn how IT can leverage emerging technology for its own customers and those of its business partners.

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