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CIO Trend Report 2019

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  • Burkhard Blechschmidt, Head of Digital Strategy, Cognizant Consulting
  • Carsten Stoecker, Founder Interlinked Protocol, CEO Spherity GmbH
  • Chris Kalle, CEO and Founder, R4 Robotics Pty Ltd
  • Francesco Corea, Tech Investor and Complexity Scientist
  • Gilbert A. Darrell, Founder, Horizon Communications
  • Iyke Aru, Crypto Educator and Project Advisor
  • Jean-Philippe Vergne, Associate Professor of Strategy, Ivey Business School, Western University
  • Jonathan Wooddin, Head of Information,
  • Shane Saunderson, PhD student, Human-robot interaction, University of Toronto
  • Tannya Jajal, Associate Project Manager, VMware
  • Toby Tremayne, Technical Futurist, Founder, Magic Industries
  • Tyler MacCready, PhD, CEO, Apium, Inc.
  • Eduardo Castello Ferrer, Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT Media Lab
  • 2 Anonymous Contributors

Your Challenge

  • In 2019, the CIO will be a business partner, a trusted technology advisor, and a key driving force in the organization. Beyond services and projects, the pressure is on to provide technological leadership. The question is how to make the most of emerging technology to not just provide better service, but also to become a transformative business partner.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The increasing role technology plays in supporting core business offerings means the CIO must take on a position of technological stewardship – not just facilitate, but also spearhead and guide the adoption of transformative technologies. A multifaceted approach to emerging technology – one that considers the technology itself, the environment in which it is deployed, and its impact on both users and the business – is key.

Impact and Result

  • Use Info-Tech's learn-adopt-grow approach to target emerging technology strategically. Learn about changes in the technology landscape that alter the way you deploy transformative technologies. Adopt the cutting-edge technologies that are right for your business. Finally, grow as a technology leader by considering both business and human impacts of technological change.

Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to become a leader in the loop by assuming a position of technological stewardship, adopting a structured approach to emerging technology, and reviewing a summary of 2019’s six trends.

1. Dapps

Learn about distributed applications and their impact on the technological landscape.

2. Digital Ethics

Learn about digital ethics and its impact on the technological landscape.

3. 5G

Learn about 5G and its impact on the technological landscape.

4. Digitized Serialization

Understand digitized serialization and the benefits it brings as a transformative technology.

5. Digital World

Understand digital world and the benefits it brings as a transformative technology.

6. Autonomous Swarms

Understand autonomous swarms and the benefits they bring as a transformative technology.

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