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Tech Trend Update: If Digital Ethics Then Data Equity

Don’t "move fast and break things" – use data equity as a guiding light to build best practices for data ethics.

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  • Rob Davidson, Director of Data Analytics, Information and Communications Technology Council

COVID-19 is driving the need for quick technology solutions, including some that require personal data collection. Organizations are uncertain about the right thing to do.

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Critical Insight

Data equity approaches personal data like money, putting the owner in control and helping to protect against unethical systems.

Impact and Result

There are some key considerations for businesses grappling with digital ethics:

  1. If partnering, set expectations.
  2. If building, invite criticism.
  3. If imbuing authority, consider the most vulnerable.

Research & Tools

Tech Trend Update: If Digital Ethics Then Data Equity

Understand how to use data equity as an ethical guidepost to create technology that will benefit everyone.

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