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Demystify Blockchain: How Can It Bring Value to Your Organization?

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By first understanding Blockchain technology and its alignment with your organizational goals and capabilities, only then will you be able to fully harness the value inherent in this disruptive technology.

Your Challenge

  • You have been hearing about Blockchain for some time now and want to better understand the complex technology. Additionally, you want to understand how its transformative potential fits with the direction of your organization.

Our Solution

  • Our definition of Blockchain simplifies an otherwise complex concept. By focusing on its benefits and how they directly relate to a use case, distributed ledger technology is made easy to understand for business and IT professionals.
  • Our program will help you to understand if Blockchain is the optimal solution for your organization by mapping its key benefits (i.e. transparency, integrity, efficiency, and security) to your needs and capabilities.

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Search Code: 85133
Published: January 25, 2018
Last Revised: January 25, 2018