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Video Surveillance Vendor Landscape Storyboard

Understand the video surveillance systems space. Evaluate video surveillance systems, their capabilities, and their limitations.

Video Surveillance Vendor Shortlist Tool

Review video surveillance systems providers. Build a shortlist of video surveillance systems vendors for your hotel, resort, or casino.

Surveillance Technician

Leverage Info-Tech’s Surveillance Technician job description template, in whole or part, to inform the definitions of your own IT Surveillance Technician role whose...

Video Surveillance Policy

Use Info-Tech's Video Surveillance Policy to define and document the use and necessary controls of your video surveillance program.

Toto, I Have a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

As the Earth prepares to support a future of ten billion people, farmers are looking to technology to increase crop yields while reducing pests and plant disease. For...

Get Your Feet Wet in Cognitive Analytics With AI-as-a-Service

Organizations seeking to make use of machine learning analytics solutions can “try before they buy” by using AI analytics services provided by external companies. This...

CIO Trend Report 2018

Trend reports provide an academic outlook on what is happening in the technology landscape. Additionally, our report links trends with common business enablers....

CIO Trend Report 2018 – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to uncover the upcoming technology trends affecting the CIO landscape in 2018 and beyond.

CIO Trend Report 2018 – The Four Trends

Trend reports provide an academic outlook on emerging technologies. This report discusses four trends facing the CIO in 2018 and their impact on business enablers.

CIO Trend Report 2018 – User-Facing AI

Read this section of the 2018 CIO Trend Report to understand the state and impact of user-facing AI.
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