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Master the Secrets of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Contracts to Right-Size Your Adobe Spend

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Adobe practically owns the market for the creative software segment, effectively eliminating the cost reduction impact of a competitive bid process. Lack of a detailed understanding of Adobe’s various purchasing models often leads to overspending and busted budgets.

Your Challenge

  • Adobe’s dominant market position: Adobe owns the creative software market, forcing customers to re-focus the software acquisition process to ensure a positive ROI on every license.
  • All cloud, all the time: Adobe has transitioned the vast majority of its software offerings to the cloud-based subscription model. Active management of licenses, software provisioning, and consumption of cloud services is now an ongoing job.
  • ETLAs offer discount options, but also carry risk: With the vendor lock-in process nearly complete via the transition to a SaaS subscription model, Adobe is raising prices on an annual basis. Advance planning and strategic use of the ETLA is key to avoid budget-breaking surprises.

Our Solution

  • Our approach helps educate your organization on Adobe’s licensing methods and contract types enabling informed purchasing decisions aligned to your creative stakeholder needs.
  • We help you understand the full contract and licensing lifecycle for Adobe’s Creative Cloud products, enabling a long-term TCO/ROI approach.
  • Our approach is practical and tactical. We map out the process of how to negotiate from a position of strength examining terms and conditions, discount percentages, and agreement pitfalls.
  • Our approach ensures that you will emerge from the Adobe software acquisition process with the right license footprint, under the right contract, and at the best price.
  • We provide guidance as to the Adobe products that can benefit from a competitive bid process vs. those that do not, ensuring your time investment has a payback.

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Published: September 22, 2017
Last Revised: September 22, 2017