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Master the Secrets of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Contracts to Right-Size Your Adobe Spend

Learn the essential steps to avoid overspending and to maximize negotiation leverage with Adobe.

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  • Adobe operates in its own niche in the creative space, and Adobe users have grown accustomed to their products, making switching very difficult.
  • With Adobe’s transition to a cloud-based subscription model, it’s important for organizations to actively manage licenses, software provisioning, and consumption.
  • Without a detailed understanding of Adobe’s various purchasing models, overspending often occurs.
  • Organizations have experienced issues in identifying commercial licensed packages with their install files, making it difficult to track and assign licenses.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Focus on user needs first. Examine which products are truly needed versus nice to have to prevent overspending on the Creative Cloud suite.
  • Examine what has been deployed. Knowing what has been deployed and what is being used will greatly aid in completing your true-up.
  • Compliance is not automatic with products that are in the cloud. Shared logins or computers that have desktop installs that can be access by multiple users can cause noncompliance.

Impact and Result

  • Visibility into license deployments and needs
  • Compliance with internal audits

Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Procuring Adobe software is not the same game as it was just a few years ago. Adopt a comprehensive approach to understanding Adobe licensing to avoid overspending and to maximize negotiation leverage.

1. Manage your Adobe agreements

Use Info-Tech’s licensing best practices to avoid overspending on Adobe licensing and to remain compliant in case of audit.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a ten call advisory process.

Guided Implementation #1 - Establish licensing requirements

Call #1 - Engage in a scoping call.
Call #2 - Assess the current state.
Call #3 - Determine licensing position.

Guided Implementation #2 - Evaluate licensing options

Call #1 - Review product options.
Call #2 - Review licensing rules.

Guided Implementation #3 - Evaluate agreement options

Call #1 - Review contract option types.

Guided Implementation #4 - Purchase and manage licenses

Call #1 - Determine negotiation points.
Call #2 - Finalize the contract.
Call #3 - Discuss license management.
Call #4 - Evaluate and develop a roadmap for future licensing.

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Published: September 22, 2017
Last Revised: April 24, 2018

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