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Tools Are Easy, Process Is Hard – Ayehu’s IT Automation Solution

IT automation tools such as Ayehu make automating easier than ever, leaving process work as the hardest part. Ayehu is an automation tool for IT operations that kicks off event-driven or scheduled workflows to perform programmed tasks.

For example, Ayehu might receive an alert from a monitoring tool such as SolarWinds, create a ticket in ServiceNow, and then direct vSphere to resolve the alert, validate the resolution, and update the ticket in ServiceNow to resolved.

Customers configure Ayehu through a graphical user interface (GUI), so no scripting is required. Users can drag and drop activities to build workflows. Ayehu comes with 500 built-in activities (users can also create their own activities if required). Ayehu touts out-of-box integrations with many of the most common business platforms and IT operations tools, such as Salesforce, VMware, ServiceNow, Jira, Splunk, and SolarWinds.

Our Take

Automation tools like Ayehu make the execution of automation easy, leaving the hard work like the planning and the use case to IT.

Ayehu uses machine learning to suggest certain tasks to automate, and comes with pre-defined workflows, but users must ultimately know the business logic and process of the use case end-to-end in order to build the appropriate workflow.

In many organizations, the business logic will prove a challenge since workflows are often ad-hoc and undocumented. Even in the case where organizations have documented workflows, those workflows often don’t reflect the reality of internal operations, which frequently rely on institutional knowledge to certain exceptions, or the operators’ individual judgement or technical expertise.

The new tools make automating easier than ever, but many organizations will have a lot of hard work to do to figure out exactly what to automate.

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