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Enterprise Software Reviews to Make
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Accelerate and Improve Your Software Selection Process

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Use Our Rapid Application
Selection Framework
to Make
Better Software Decisions

Software Selection Engagement

Five Advisory Calls Over a Five-Week Period to Accelerate Your Selection Process

  • Expert analyst guidance over five weeks on average to select and negotiate software
  • Save money, align stakeholders, speed up the process, and make better decisions
  • Use a repeatable, formal methodology to improve your application selection process
  • Better, faster results, guaranteed; included in membership
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Choose Better Software, Faster

Choosing the right software for your business can be a difficult decision. SoftwareReviews has a series of tools to help you through your selection journey, based on Info-Tech Research Group's 20+ years of helping organizations select software.

Our comprehensive set of tools and services helps you make the best decision, faster, and is completely tailored to the support you need. Choose the service that is right for you.

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Accelerate and Improve Your
Software Selection Process

  • Use our tier-based selection process
  • 18-step framework to select better software, faster
  • Align stakeholders and rapidly reach a better selection outcome
  • Optimize your process to improve the outcome
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Fact-Based, Comprehensive,
Unbiased Technology Reviews

  • Use fact-based evaluation and comparison data to differentiate vendors
  • Save time from duplicating existing market research
  • Use a comprehensive data set
  • Don’t rely on gut instinct, "magic," or a simple five-star rating and comment
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Better, Faster, Cheaper,
Measurably Improved
Selection Results

  • Reduce the time it takes to make a software selection decision
  • Improve application satisfaction and alignment
  • Save money from the initially quoted list price
  • Spend time on high-impact, high-value selection activities
Software Selection Metrics
Report Pages

Insight and Data Visualization That Keeps Your Selection Team Aligned

  • Provide stakeholders with a clear selection process and graphical reports
  • Use focus groups to accelerate the selection process and build an aligned view of the marketplace
  • Save time on tedious demos and focus on key issues
Report Pages

Premium Reports Included in Membership

Data Duadrant Page

Data Quadrant Report

  • Captures data from all vendors
  • Measures 11 common vendor capabilities
  • Compares unique product features for the category
  • Provides comparative rankings for all data points
  • Awards Gold Medalists in Data Quadrant
Emotional Footprint Page

Emotional Footprint Report

  • Captures data from all vendors
  • Focuses on 25 Emotional Footprint data points across five categories
  • Awards Champions in Emotional Footprint
Vendor Capability

Product Scorecards

  • Provides a deep dive on one vendor only
  • Captures over 100 data points on each vendor
  • Includes feature, customer engagement, discounting, and segmentation information
  • Reports available for all vendors in the Data Quadrant

Software Selection Workshops

40 Hours of Advisory Assistance Delivered Online.
Select Better Software, Faster.

  • 40 hours of expert analyst guidance
  • Project and stakeholder management assistance
  • Save money, align stakeholders, speed up the process, and make better decisions
  • Better, faster results, guaranteed; 20K standard engagement fee
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* 20K standard engagement

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Explore our five-phase approach in detail

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