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Medica Selects Altruista Health’s GuidingCare Platform to Provide Better Service to Its One Million Members

Non-profit health plan organization Medica announced that it has selected GuidingCare® as its patient-centered care management platform to facilitate care management and capture patient information even when internet is unavailable.

The Minnesota-based health group chose to implement Altruista Health’s GuidingCare platform to serve more than one million members in nine states. GuidingCare is a population health platform that assists health plans and providers with data integration and workflow management to improve care quality and promote provider and patient engagement. It enables clinicians who visit rural areas to assess patients, create care plans, and make referrals. The app is available offline, which will help in rural areas without internet access, then will sync the data once internet access is available.

GuidingCare is a SaaS-based platform, designed to fit in existing care IT infrastructure and help healthcare organizations as a patient-centric model of care, as illustrated bellow:

Source: Altruista Health

GuidingCare’s search-and-referral tool will allow Medica members to connect with social services and enable clinicians to explore patient demographic information, schedule activities, facilitate referrals, and create service plans. The platform will also enable Medica to consolidate its business into a single platform to support a unified model of care.

Our Take

Implementing care management mobile apps to manage the patient lifecycle can help providers mitigate risk and reduce expenses. The improved operational efficiency, data integration, and workflow automation available in this application is critical to enhancing the quality of care provided and satisfaction of clients and patients.

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