Institutionalize Innovation through IT

Leverage IT’s strong multi-department spanning position to facilitate innovation across the enterprise.

Your Challenge

  • The time for IT keeping the digital lights on has faded. Disruptive technologies such as the Cloud, social media, mobile devices, big data, and their implications on security have drastically changed the IT landscape.
  • Business executives push hard for the adoption of new technologies into the corporate strategy. IT must ensure these technologies are streamlined without adversely affecting compliance, risk, or security.
  • Satisfying tech-savvy business users is difficult, especially since the adoption of these technologies is not always transparent to the IT department. IT must be aware of end-user habits to maintain and satisfy business executives to maintain rapport all while protecting corporate information.
  • IT must find a way to help facilitate innovation across the enterprise after proving its value as a contributing partner to business executives.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • An Info-Tech survey finds that organizations investing highly in disruptive technologies are experiencing a high innovation ROI from IT.
  • The same survey finds that business units in these investments are increasingly excluding IT. More business units are taking on projects without IT involvement, taking value-add opportunities away from the IT department.
  • IT departments that have the ability to deliver advanced IT services and can achieve business satisfaction with IT innovations drastically improve innovation ROI from IT.
  • Position your IT department to facilitate innovation across your organization and add value to the Business or be left behind.

Impact and Result

  • IT will gain the authority to facilitate innovation if it first understands its innovation eco-system, can innovate within the IT department, and can innovate with business units.
  • IT can use its multi-department spanning position to facilitate an innovation engine with business units that continuously gathers ideas, supports small teams on innovative projects, and manages an innovation project portfolio.
  • IT can also provide the organization with the tools and expertise needed to facilitate the innovation ideation and execution processes.

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Get to Action

  1. Understand innovation in your organization

    Earn the authority to facilitate enterprise-wide innovation.

  2. Create an Innovation Support Group

    Generate and collect innovative ideas across your organization.

  3. Create an Innovation Advisory Group

    Ensure every innovation project has measurable business value.

  4. Create an Innovation Oversight Board

    Oversee and approve all innovation initiatives within the organization.

  5. Create business proposals for innovative ideas

    Develop a portfolio of innovative ideas that can be managed for maximum value.

  6. Score ideas within your organization

    Prioritize urgent ideas that will provide the maximum value.

  7. Keep track of innovation metrics within your organization

    Improve methods for innovation within the organization.

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