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Our comprehensive software selection resources support you at every step of your selection journey, informed by the actionable insights of 20,000 real-world data points.

Selecting the right enterprise software is no small feat – but one that carries a high degree of visibility for IT leaders.

As software categories proliferate, it’s more critical than ever to have a well-oiled approach to application selection that selects the right software to meet your most important business requirements (at the right price point!).

Our Software Selection Research Center provides a comprehensive set of research, tools and expertise to help you make the right decisions at every step of your application selection journey.

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1. Optimize Your Selection Process

Savvy leaders implement a consistent, repeatable process for software selection.

They also understand the importance of pursuing data-driven best practices when it comes to selecting the right tools for their organization.

  • Equip you with a rigorous framework that you can use to anchor your application selection efforts (the Rapid Application Selection Framework)
  • Provide an unbiased set of best practices for software selection, based on the experiences of tens of thousands of real-world practitioners
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The Rapid Application Selection Framework

Implement a Proactive and Consistent Vendor Selection Process

Optimize Your Software Selection Process: Why 5 and 30 are the Magic Numbers

Switching Vendors Overwhelmingly Drives Increased Satisfaction

Select Software with the Right Satisfaction Drivers in Mind

2. Select Software Using the Right Drivers

Understanding complex and ever-evolving application marketspaces is necessary to identify and shortlist viable contenders for your organization.

Our SoftwareReviews Data Quadrants, Concierge Services and dedicated analyst team significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to get up to speed on market dynamics and key players.

The resources in this section will:

  • Provide you with an unbiased overview of popular software categories.
  • Allow you to drill into detailed vendor analysis – from a vendor's functional acumen to the relationship it builds (or doesn't!) with its customers.
  • Conduct tailored analysis of niche software marketspaces unique to your organization's requirements.
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SoftwareReviews Data Quadrants

Concierge Service: Custom Vendor Landscapes

IT Service Management Selection Guide

Spotlight: 2020 Enterprise Collaboration Tools – Market Trends and Buyer's Guide

3. Get the Best Discount Possible

Whether you're selecting a simple off-the-shelf tool or engaging in the procurement of a complex enterprise-spanning system, it's essential to have a toolkit of resources to hone in on the right vendors, build a viable shortlist, and choose the partner that will meet your requirements (at the best possible price point).

The resources in this section will:

  • Allow you to build a weighted-average vendor scoring and selection model.
  • Excel at executing the RFP process for large-scale application procurement.
  • Negotiate the best possible discount with your shortlisted proponents.
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The Rapid Application Selection Framework

Create a Better RFP Process

Concierge Service: RFP Review

Get the Best Possible Discount with a Data-Driven Negotiation Approach

Prepare for Negotiations More Effectively

Concierge Service: Contact Reviews

4. Excel with Implementation Governance

The journey doesn't end with selection: you need to have a cogent roadmap for unlocking the full potential of your new application.

User adoption, configuration and application integration are essential components of a successful roll-out.

The resources in this section will:

  • Successfully plan and manage the implementation or cutover of anew application.
  • Execute a role-based training program.
  • Succeed with integrating your new software into your existing environment.
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Govern and Manage an Enterprise Software Implementation

Implement and Mature your User Experience Design Practice

Optimize Application Integration Governance

Spotlight: Get the Most Out of your ERP

Spotlight: Get the Most Out of your CRM

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