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The Rapid Application Selection Framework

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Your Challenge

  • Selection takes forever. Traditional software selection drags on for years, sometimes in perpetuity.
  • IT is viewed as a bottleneck and the business has taken control of software selection.
  • “Gut feel” decisions rule the day. Intuition, not hard data, guides selection, leading to poor outcomes.
  • Negotiations are a losing battle. Money is left on the table by inexperienced negotiators.
  • Overall: Poor selection processes lead to wasted time, wasted effort, and applications that continually disappoint.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Adopt a formal methodology to accelerate and improve software selection results.
  • Improve business satisfaction by including the right stakeholders and delivering new applications on a truly timely basis.
  • Kill the “sacred cow” requirements that only exist because “it’s how we’ve always done it.”
  • Forget about “RFP” overload and hone in on the features that matter to your organization.
  • Skip the guesswork and validate decisions with real data.
  • Take control of vendor “dog and pony shows” with single-day, high-value, low-effort, rapid-fire investigative interviews.
  • Master vendor negotiations and never leave money on the table.

Impact and Result

Improving software selection is a critical project that will deliver huge value.

  • Hit a home run with your business stakeholders: use a data-driven approach to select the right application vendor for their needs – fast.
  • Shatter stakeholder expectations with truly rapid application selections.
  • Boost collaboration and crush the broken telephone with concise and effective stakeholder meetings.
  • Lock in hard savings and do not pay list price by using data-driven tactics.

Research & Tools

1. The Rapid Application Selection Framework

  • A complete framework to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software selection
  • All necessary training and tools for IT leaders and business stakeholders
  • Adopt this framework to:
    • Improve the effectiveness of software selection.
    • Reduce the time to select software.
    • Reduce the cost of the applications you procure.

2. The Guide to Software Selection: A Business Stakeholder Manual

  • This guide has been built to share with your business leaders and stakeholders.
  • It provides a clear methodology that sets expectations with stakeholders and encourages them to uses software selection best practices to improve selection results.
  • This customizable guide helps you train and guide your business stakeholders as they participate in software selection projects.

3. The Software Selection Workbook

  • This critical template helps you capture and document your selection process and decisions.
  • This practical template streamlines your selection workflow and provides easy-to-follow guidelines with practical examples.
  • It is a reusable template for all of your software selection decisions.

4. The Vendor Evaluation Workbook

  • The Vendor Evaluation Workbook provides a reusable scorecard system for ranking and comparing vendors.
  • This practical template can accelerate and improve your selection process.
  • It is a reusable workbook for each of your software selection decisions.

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