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2020 Applications Priorities Report

Five initiatives to help applications professionals stay on the ball.

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  • Kieran Gobey, Principal Consultant, Implementations and Process Optimization at Blueprint Software Systems
  • 9 anonymous contributors
  • 460 individuals who completed the 2020 IT Priorities Survey
  • Although IT may have time to look at trends, it does not have the capacity to analyze the trends and turn them into initiatives.
  • IT does not have time to parse trends for initiatives that are relevant to them.
  • The business complains that if IT does not pursue trends the organization will get left behind by cutting-edge competitors. At the same time, when IT pursues trends, the business feels that IT is unable to deal with the basic issues.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Take advantage of a trend by first understanding why it is happening and how it is actionable. Build momentum now. Breaking a trend into bite-sized initiatives and building them into your IT foundations enables the organization to maintain pace with competitors and make the technological leap.
  • The concepts of shadow IT and governance are critical. As it becomes easier for the business to purchase its own applications, it will be essential for IT to embrace this form of user empowerment. With a diminished focus on vendor selection, IT will drive the most value by directing its energy toward data and integration governance.

Impact and Result

  • Determine how to explore, adopt, and optimize the technology and practice initiatives in this report by understanding which core objective(s) each initiative serves:
    • Optimize the effectiveness of the IT organization.
    • Boost the productivity of the enterprise.
    • Enable business growth through technology.

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Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief for a summary of the priorities and themes that an IT organization should focus on this year.

1. Read the 2020 Applications Priorities Report

Use Info-Tech's 2020 Applications Priorities Report to learn about the five initiatives that IT should prioritize for the coming year.

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