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  • George Bordon, Director, Contracts at Spirit AeroSystems, Co-Author of The Art of Creating a Quality RFP
  • Most IT organizations are absent of standard RFP templates and tools.
  • Many RFPs lack sufficient requirements.
  • Most RFP team members are not adequately trained on RFP best practices.
  • Most IT departments underestimate the amount of time required to perform an effective RFP.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Vendors generally do not like RFPs. Vendors view RFPs as time consuming and costly to respond to and often believe that the decision is already made.
  • Dont ignore the benefits of an RFI. An RFI is too often overlooked as a tool for collecting information from vendors about their product offerings and services.
  • Leverage a pre-proposal conference to maintain an equal and level playing field. Pre-proposal conference is a convenient and effective way to respond to vendors’ questions, ensuring all vendors have the same information to provide a quality response.

Impact and Result

  • A bad or incomplete RFP results in confusing and incomplete vendor responses, which consumes time and resources.
  • Incomplete or misunderstood requirements add cost to your project due to the change orders required to complete it.

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Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should create a process for your RFPs. Review Info-Tech’s process and understand how you can prevent your organization from leaking negotiation leverage while preventing vendors from taking control of your RFP.

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