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2020 Enterprise Collaboration Tools: Market Trends and Buyer’s Guide

Enterprise collaboration is a confusing marketspace. Use Info-Tech’s methods to avoid making expensive mistakes.

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  • Jon Arnold, Principal, J Arnold & Associates
  • Varun Bersain, Lead Consultant, BT India
  • Jeff Braybrook, Director of Collaboration, Shared Services Canada
  • Lawrence Byrd, Technology Evangelist, TokBox
  • Rebekah Carter, Technology Journalist, UC Today
  • Anthony Cosentino, Google Collaboration Specialist, Cogeco Cable
  • Tom Hibbs, Account Executive, Healthcare in Canada
  • Kevin Kieller, Co-Founder, enableUC
  • Jennifer MacLean, Director of Collaboration, Ngen Canada
  • Russ Newton, Collaboration Specialist, Genesis Integration Inc.
  • Chris Palermo, Global Collaboration Sales GMT & Strategy Specialist, Cisco
  • Rohan Singh, Collaboration and Networking Manager, Pathway Vet Alliance
  • A special thank-you to 1 anonymous contributor
  • Exploring the enterprise collaboration marketspace is difficult. The problem with finding a suitable collaboration tool is that there are many ways to collaborate, with just as many tools to match.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Info-Tech’s "three C’s of collaboration" model offers a method to pinpoint the desired collaboration, matched with a list of key vendors in that specific space.

Impact and Result

  • The result is not only a method to find your best-fit collaboration tool and how to implement it but also a broader understanding of the enterprise collaboration marketspace – including a current-state assessment and a list of future trends.

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