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Leverage Social Media for Enhanced Customer Interaction

From Marketing to Customer Service, get social or die!

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  • 5 interviewees
  • 61 survey respondents

Your Challenge

  • Social media is where your customers are; organizations that don’t integrate social channels into their customer interaction framework will struggle to have their voices heard.
  • The number of options for interacting with the social cloud are immense, and organizations are unsure of how, when, and with what tools they should be using social media to achieve business goals.
  • Matching the tools with the right business objectives is only half the battle. Businesses often find reining in social media initiatives to be a significant challenge.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Social media must be integrated with other channels as part of a cohesive multi-channel customer interaction strategy across sales, marketing, customer service, PR, and HR. It should not be viewed as a free alternative to other interaction channels. Expect to spend money and effort if you’re serious about successfully using social channels.
  • At the bare minimum, you should be listening to the Cloud to find out what your customers are saying about your organization. Tools exist that will fit your organization’s social media program needs, and the creation of a Social Media Steering Committee will help to unify and oversee the organization’s social media program.
  • IT has a pivotal role to play in social media. They must be prepared to advise the business, provide ongoing technology enablement (e.g. manage CRM and SMMP solutions), identify and close security risks, and provide social media governance best practices.

Impact and Result

  • Learn about the unique characteristics of social media channels, and how departments within your organization can use them effectively.
  • Build a business plan around using social media channels for business value.
  • Create a strategy to exploit social media opportunities that integrate with your current customer interaction framework and determine how best to govern your overall social media program.

Research & Tools

1. Understand how to best leverage social media for customer interaction

Know where to begin and where to go when creating a social media strategy.

2. Form a Social Media Steering Committee

Bring order to chaos among different business units.

3. Create a Social Media Business Plan

Address the key opportunities and challenges of a social media business plan.

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