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Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon

PR leaders that build brand Share of Voice across paid, earned, and owned media that exceeds actual market share will enable market share growth vs. key competitors.

PR leaders are in the driver’s seat when it comes to building excess mindshare and measuring the corresponding SOV. The keys to success include understanding your buyer’s persona and journey and crafting the right assets activated across all the channels where SOV is measured. Aligning/coordinating with campaigners is key; they focus on buyers, and PR focuses on the other constituents – investors/ shareholders, influencers, media, etc. to keep your brand top of mind.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Our research shows that as a PR lead starts to implement a Share of Voice (SOV) campaign, they face many obstacles including:
  • A lack of alignment and understanding by leadership about how Share of Value affects market share.
  • A baseline of SOV and market share and budget to pay for a SOV measurement platform.
  • Budget to hire external resources to write and produce content.

Impact and Result

This SoftwareReviews blueprint provides the PR lead with guidance and tools to develop and execute an SOV campaign, the guidance to determine current market share and tips on selecting a platform to track changes.

Use this blueprint to:

  • Gain alignment between C-suite and Sales on a PR campaign to build SOV.
  • Identify tools to establish a baseline of SOV and market share and to track changes.
  • Implement the needed systems integration to ensure top-of-funnel arrivals attracted by PR awareness campaigns get tagged with PR attribution.

Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon Research & Tools

1. Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon – This blueprint shows how public relations can build Share of Voice (SOV) to increase market share and helps you select an SOV platform.

By following this step-by-step process, the PR lead can help leadership understand the value of SOV as it affects market share. It will also provide guidance on how to select a SOV platform subscription and establish systems to track PR attribution.

2. SOV Executive Presentation Template – This template can be used to define market share and track PR attributions. It also enables you to track needed assets.

This deck enables you to determine market share and determine available assets and needed new assets. This tool can be used to present details to leadership.

Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon

PR leaders that build brand Share of Voice across paid, earned, and owned media that exceeds actual market share will enable market share growth vs. key competitors.

Analyst Perspective

Use Share of Voice as a Strategic Weapon

Research shows that a brand with a share of voice (SOV) that is greater than its market share will likely gain additional market share. With a greater SOV, opportunity is turned into sales wins and a company can capture a great market share. Excess SOV (eSOV) for small companies is especially important as it creates the conditions to increase market share when sales wins occur against a stronger competitor.

PR leaders are in the driver's seat when it comes to building excess mindshare and measuring the corresponding SOV. The keys to success include understanding your buyer's persona and journey and crafting the right assets activated across all the channels where SOV is measured. Aligning/coordinating with campaigners is key; they focus on buyers, and PR focuses on the other constituents – investors/ shareholders, influencers, media, etc. to keep your brand top of mind.

Our blueprint will enable PR leaders to establish a baseline SOV, identify key audience members and their high-interest topics, and gain C-Suite support for a PR-led program and budget.

Barbara Riedel, Marketing Research Director, Public Relations

Barbara Riedel
Marketing Research Director, Public Relations

Executive Summary

Your ChallengeCommon ObstaclesSoftwareReviews' Approach
PR leaders may face a number of challenges when growing SOV including:
  • Lack of CEO understanding of the strategic value of growing SOV.
  • Lack of baseline measurement of market share and ongoing changes.
  • Lack of accurate ways, tools, and/or services to measure SOV.
  • Limited acknowledgement among CEO and other senior leaders as to the importance of funding SOV growth.
When implementing a SOV measurement and improvement program, PR leaders face certain obstacles such as:
  • Complexity and the tendency to want to measure SOV across all areas of brand mention.
  • Misalignment with field/digital marketing in campaign strategy and planning.
  • A lack of "PR attribution" for sales wins.
  • Budget to hire the right solution/service provider to aid accurate SOV measurement.
  • A lack of resources to design, craft copy, and deliver assets that truly capture mindshare.
PR leaders successfully implementing this SoftwareReviews blueprint will equip themselves and their teams to:
  • Identify tools to establish a baseline and track changes in SOV and market share.
  • Define a process to identify topics of high interest and best channels.
  • Identify key industry influencers.
  • Gain alignment between C-suite and Sales on the campaign.
  • Define a budget and received approval.
  • Identify resources to produce and release content.

SoftwareReviews Insight
Greater SOV than actual market share is critical to growing market share vs. key competitors. To be effective, PR leaders establish a current SOV baseline in paid, earned, and owned media, and run omnichannel campaigns to grow SOV that exceeds actual market share in order to win share from key competitors.

Why is SOV Important?

SOV directly impacts your brand's position in the marketplace

  • Understanding your company's current "awareness."
  • Measures how many people know or talk about your company and products.
  • Shows how often your company name shows up in online searches in all channels.
  • Shows if the audience is reading/listening to your announcements and posts.
  • Knowledge of the available SOV and how to gain more.
  • Provides a benchmark of your competitor's financial position.
  • Can accelerate your growth.
  • Give insight into what the audience wants to learn.

Social Media Share of Voice

Measuring your brand's share of voice helps you see the bigger picture and where your brand fits into it. It adds context to your performance data, allowing you to pinpoint opportunities for growth and improvement.
– Sprout Social Blog, September 1, 2021

SOV and Market Share

Managing SOV has a strategic benefit – improve market share!

What is share of voice?

  • Measures the exposure your marketing and advertising has given your company compared to your competitors'.
  • Includes mentions in paid, earned, and owned media.

Formula: Total impressions all channels/total available ad impressions = all channels SOV.

What is market share?

  • The percentage of a market's total sales earned by one company vs. the market.
  • Enables you to set and adjust sales goals.

Formula: Total business revenue/total industry revenue = market share.

Conventionally, SOV was used alongside Peckham's Formula, which, in short, is to set your advertising budget to achieve an SOV at 1.5X what you'd like your market share to be by the end of your company's second year. Simply, by growing your SOV, you'll grow your market share. This was then extended by Binet & Field, who empirically proved that increasing SOV will increase market share when sustained over time.
– Sprout Social Blog, June 24, 2021

Excess SOV (eSOV) Leads to a Rise in Market Share

Excess Share of Voice (eSOV) is an important concept in marketing and media investment planning. The "excess" represents the degree to which your brand's Share of Voice exceeds its share of market. Numerous studies have examined this relationship and consistently found that an excess Share of Voice over share of market is likely to result in brand sales growth.
Source: Marketing IQ International

  • SOV and Profits – all things being equal, a brand whose SOV is greater than its market share is more likely to grow.
  • Compelling Content – eSOV tends to work much better when built with award-winning creative work.
  • Marketing Mix – SOV or eSOV may not be the only explanatory variables in your mix. Analyze all areas, content, channels, etc.
  • Product Advantage – SOV and market share calculations may exclude companies (for example Google, Facebook, etc.) who gained early market share through product advantage.

How eSOV Converts to Growth

Adapted from LinkedIn

Effective Awareness Campaigns Increase Market Share

Challenger brands need to be 3.5 times more effective

Core Factors

  • Small vs. large brand
  • Challengers vs. market leaders
  • Launch of new brands/product enhancements
  • Quality of the content and perceived value of channels used

Key Principals

  • Content – must be compelling to truly grow SOV
  • Excess SOV (eSOV) – provides faster growth
  • New launches or early-stage products – news of value or interest gains greater market share
  • Long-game – consistent level of SOV + quality campaigns = stronger brands

Source: Nielsen blog

A brand that punches above its weight will gain market share

Case Study


TopRank Marketing

How Demandbase Transformed B2B Influencers Into Superhero Story Tellers

Demandbase has been innovating account-based marketing for over 15 years. Now they have gone beyond ABM with a Go-to-Market platform that incorporates AI. The new AI-driven GTM platform points users to in-market accounts and their buying committees. It helps engage across channels with messages that are spot-on for where they are in their buying journey.


Demandbase rebranded and launched the evolved ABM solution to solve marketers' longstanding challenges with data silos and spammy marketing messages. The new brand and solution meant an opportunity to break through the hype of the MarTech industry and reach the customers that the new product would help most.


Demandbase hired the external agency TopRank Marketing for a stellar creative hook and a powerful tactical strategy. Within two months of launch, this unique influencer campaign drove superhero results to include the following:

  • 8.4M in potential reach via active influencers
  • 460+ engagements by industry influencers
  • 800% greater page views over the benchmark

Key Results Achieved

An external agency created a stellar creative story and a powerful tactical strategy

Well-crafted content with a compelling storyline, unique creative, and amplification by strategically selected thought leaders

Through custom illustrations, industry influencers were transformed into superheroes

Created investor deck, videos, and sales enablement materials.

Positioned brand as one to watch via targeted messaging and distribution.

Challenges to Growing SOV

Key challenges include a lack of:


  • Need time to build SOV
  • No baseline SOV or market share
  • Limited resources to product assets on a timely basis

Tracking and Knowledge

  • No tracking method set-up
  • No knowledge of how the industry perceives our company


  • No internal team member has the bandwidth to develop content
  • Need to hire external resources
  • Need a budget to hire external resources

"We see narrative as the 2022 growth accelerator. It's what wins investor pitches, customers, and top talent. No matter the industry, product, customer type, or size, a company's brand is its single most important asset. Activating and growing it is foundational to businesses achieving their key business targets in 2022 and beyond."
Reva Seth
Shift Communications

Without Strong SOV Sales Growth will Falter

The implications of not building strong brand share of voice are numerous

  • Sales has a difficult time winning deals because the company brand is not known, or trusted, so prospects buy from competitors.
  • Marketing spend for lead gen fails to deliver ROI if the brand is unknown and brand awareness is low.
  • Without sales execution, market share increase is impossible.
  • Company name takes more time to explain to prospects and cost of sales increases.
  • Retention among existing customers falters as better-known competitors with greater SOV are more appealing.
  • Market Share can only be "bought" by discounting, heavy promotion, and dropping prices. Margins suffer as well.

"During recessions, B2B marketers tend to cut their long-term brand marketing first to save on costs...while cutting brand marketing may provide short-term financial relief, it will also hurt their Share of Voice and, therefore, their market share…. In the 2008 recession, brands that… increased their spending to raise their SoV achieved particularly impressive gains in both growth and profit."
LinkedIn blog,
November 17, 2022

PR leaders that build brand Share of Voice across paid, earned, and owned media that exceeds actual market share will enable market share growth vs. key competitors.

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Guided Implementation 1: Educate, Validate, and Define Campaign
  • Call 1: Discuss the importance of a strong SOV and how it can increase your market share. Outline the steps involved.
  • Call 2: Discuss the importance of alignment with the C-Suite to the value of an omnichannel PR campaign to build SOV and influence market share.
  • Call 3: Discuss the importance of identifying the current market size, a healthy brand, and a clear value prop. Cover the tools available to assist in evaluating these areas.
  • Call 4: Discuss the importance of a clearly defined buyer persona and journey and how content must have a high value to keep interest.
  • Call 5: Discuss researching topics and developing a PR campaign with a calendar. This will enable you to determine the needed resources.

Guided Implementation 2: Build Campaign
  • Call 1: Discuss researching SOV platforms and creating a budget.
  • Call 2: Discuss content development based on the topics defined in an early phase.
  • Call 3: Discuss coaching key spokespersons for interview opportunities and ensuring bio and photos are accurate on all platforms.
  • Call 4: Discuss the development of a list of media contacts and key influencers. Create a list of these contacts and document outreaches.
  • Call 5: Discuss the importance of using all channels and being consistent in the messaging and asset release. This step will be ongoing, based on the approved calendar.

Guided Implementation 3: Launch and Measure Outcome
  • Call 1: Discuss the importance of establishing a baseline for SOV and market share before the assets are released. After release, ensure tracking is in place. Track other media opportunities.
  • Call 2: : Discuss working with Sales to track wins and how the PR campaign is improving close rates.
  • Call 3: Discuss the collection of outcomes to prepare the deck to present to the C-suite. This needs to be completed monthly.
  • Call 4: Discuss steps on how to continue the campaign, tracking outcomes and keeping leadership informed.


Barbara Riedel

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