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Develop a Plan to Manage Your Time as CIO More Effectively

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CIOs deal with a myriad of urgent and un-anticipated issues on a daily basis. Without a response strategy, there will be little time left for the high-value activities central to a CIO’s role – planning, budgeting, vendor management, managing staff, and maintaining relationships.

Your Challenge

  • As a CIO you face unique challenges in managing your time effectively. The demands of the role mean that you can spend all your time fire-fighting without advancing your position as a business partner.
  • Many CIOs struggle with determining the appropriate balance between managing the IT organization and managing relationships. One of the keys to success for any CIO is effectively managing relationships with other C-level executives and key stakeholders; how much time does this require?
  • It is difficult to know what success looks like, and more critically, which activities are not worth your time. The best source will be your peers – CIOs who have developed effective methods for managing their time and maintaining key relationships that are essential to success.

Our Solution

  • Find out what techniques successful CIOs employ to manage their time effectively. Learn the importance of knowing when to delegate.
  • Learn how to eliminate or minimize the tasks and activities that don’t contribute to your effectiveness as CIO. Determine whether IT is considered a utility or strategic business partner.
  • Understand the importance of relationships to CIO success. Techniques to understand the business better shape the business expectations of IT and improve credibility.
  • Develop a personal plan to improve your time management skills and demonstrate leadership in the organization.
  • We have several experienced former CIOs who have been in your shoes and faced the same challenges who can offer support and insights.

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Published: September 19, 2017
Last Revised: September 19, 2017