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Salesforce Has Agreed to Acquire Tableau for the Share Equivalent Price of $15.7 Billion

Salesforce wants to deliver a customer experience, which leverages its already strong position as the source of massive amounts of customer data. The ability to access and understand customer data will now be ever more intuitive and user friendly. Bringing AI-powered analytics to the Salesforce platform could be a game changer for the CRM giant.

Our Take

This is an interesting play for the CRM giant. Are we seeing Salesforce move into the data platform game? If so, it could now be a one-stop shop for small to medium organizations.

The problem that this causes for the industry is that convincing the business that putting in a best practice data warehouse or data lake has always been a challenge. It is always about playing the “Pay a little now or a lot later game.” This move pushes that to much later. We foresee conversations in the future around pushing out the BI strategy and going with “Salesforce for everything” in the short term.

This also enables Tableau to grow through the side effect of Salesforce being chosen as the CRM platform and being bundled with Tableau.

Watch this space to see how the license models for this evolve!

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