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Finastra FusionPAYPlus Financial Transaction System (FTS) is now SWIFT Certified

Finastra FusionPAYPlus attains SWIFT Certification, one of five global providers to achieve this status in Europe. SWIFT is a private secure network used by a majority of the 11,000 international banks to communicate with one another. The network is active in more than 200 countries and territories and in 2015 exchanged over 32 million messages per day.

Source: Finastra at SoftwareReviews, Accessed January 7, 2020

Our Take

Finastra’s SWIFT certification for FusionPAYPlus demonstrates the continued globalization of banking and increasing need for interbank communications. The SWIFT network message volumes have grown from just 2.4 million per day in 1995 to more than 32 million messages per day in 2015. Finastra’s SWIFT certification in Europe was a vital requirement to remain a global banking solutions provider.

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