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IT continues to "outsource" to cloud, managed service, and other providers. As a result, IT (and the organization as a whole) becomes more reliant on these vendors, and vendor management becomes increasingly necessary to manage the relationships and manage the risks. Implementing a vendor management initiative is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.Read more

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Six Tips on Managing Your Software Vendor Relationship - Vendor Management Tech Brief

A great relationship with your software provider delivers both value and immediate results. These key tips will help you make the best of your partnership.

Bullhorn Announces Closed-Loop Vendor Management and Applicant Tracking Integration - CIO Tech Brief

Bullhorn, an applicant tracking system (ATS) solution provider, has announced an improvement to its existing vendors management system (VMS) Sync offering with the deployment of "closed-loop VMS-ATS integration" that automates the transfer of candidate information from the ATS back into the VMS.

Human Capital Management: Using Customer-Driven Reviews to Select Vendors - Applications Tech Brief

Info-Tech Research Group’s SoftwareReviews division has launched a data-driven review service to assist HR & IT leaders when evaluating the potential selection of human capital management (HCM) systems for purchase and implementation.

SecurityScorecard Launches Project Escher to Aid Non-Profits With Vendor Risk Management - Security Tech Brief

SecurityScorecard, a leader in vendor cyber risk rating, has announced an initiative to help non-profit organizations with third-party risk management. Named Project Escher, this initiative demonstrates SecurityScorecard’s commitment to the non-profit sector.

CORL Technologies Launches Its Vendor Risk Management Resource Center - Security Tech Brief

Navigating the vendor risk management space, particularly in the current environment that consists of a mix of cloud, managed services, and critical supply chain, is key to ensuring that you don’t inadvertently introduce new risks through this dynamic channel.

Salesforce.com Sets Sights on $60 Billion in Revenue - Vendor Management Tech Brief

Salesforce.com has laid its chips on the table with a plan to grow annual revenues from the current run rate of $10 billion a year to a whopping $60 billion a year by 2034. This note explores how Salesforce plans to achieve this ambitious goal and what it means for current and prospective...

Microsoft Offers New Licensing Options With Windows Virtual Desktops - Vendor Management Tech Brief

Azure-based Windows Virtual Desktops are Microsoft’s next generation of VDI licensing options. Does the cost justify the benefit?

Adobe’s ELA Is All About Product Optimization…Not the Price - Vendor Management Tech Brief

Adobe has achieved near-monopoly status in the world of graphic/web design through the massive adoption of its Creative Suite product set. Far too often customers are focusing on the subscription price when there is much more value to be obtained through optimizing product selection and...

B-lay’s Java Health Check Service Enables a Proactive Response to Oracle License Changes - Vendor Management Tech Brief

With over 15 billion installs of Java, it is highly likely that your organization has at least one, if not several, applications dependent on Java updates for bug fixes and security patches.

Coupa Set to Acquire Exari – CLM Market Consolidation Continues - Vendor Management Tech Brief

Coupa, a leading source-to-pay (S2P) provider, announces planned acquisition of Exari, a leading CLM provider, for $215M in cash as contract lifecycle management (CLM) consolidation continues.

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