University Researchers Use AI to Highlight Zoom’s Privacy Risks - Security Tech Brief

University researchers used artificial intelligence in an experiment to determine the extent of privacy risks that come with the use of this web conferencing tool. Publicly available data scraped from social networks was cross-referenced as part of this research.

2B Advice Makes Moves to Support a Privacy-Aware Culture - Security Tech Brief

The privacy management software space is rapidly becoming crowded with vendors all looking to add value. 2B Advice has released the most recent version (7.0) of its software, emphasizing the support tools needed to build a privacy-aware culture. Addresses the Privacy vs. AI Debacle With the Industry’s First AI-Powered Privacy Solution - Security Tech Brief

AI-powered privacy is here to stay, driven by the innovative team at The company injects automation through AI with its PrivacyOps solution, PRIVACI, taking the effort out of mapping out personal data within its various repositories.

Free Privacy Tool Released by RADAR, LLC - CIO Tech Brief

A new breach reporting requirements tool released by RADAR, LLC ensures that users stay up-to-date with their obligations.

IAPP’s 2020 Privacy Tech Vendor Report Highlights Data Subject Request (DSR) Feature - Security Tech Brief

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has released its 2020 Privacy Tech Vendor report, reviewing key software solution vendors within the space. This year’s report highlighted the recent addition of Data Subject Request (DSR) to the feature categories.

Launch of Awareness Tracker by Nymity Signals a New Era of Privacy Software - Security Tech Brief

Nymity expands its product offering with the introduction of new privacy compliance solutions.

PHEMI: A Data Privacy Tool for Healthcare Providers - Security Tech Brief

PHEMI is a data privacy solution focused on keeping data-processing activities secure by redacting information based on the role of the accessor. Thus, allowing such data to be used for multiple use cases without compromising privacy.

Proteus Helps Enterprises Document Privacy by Design - Security Tech Brief

Privacy by Design (PbD) is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirement, but effective implementation requires deep insight into the operation and interconnection of various data collection processes. Thus, PbD can be difficult to document and demonstrate. However, Proteus may help.

Proteus-Cyber Bridges the Gap Between Data Privacy and Threat Intelligence - Security Tech Brief

Proteus-Cyber, a leading vendor within the privacy program management space, has added two standout features to its current privacy software offering. The Threat Intelligence feature tracks and links directly to CVEs discovered daily and can be integrated within the IT asset register of current...

Titus’ Timely Release of Illuminate 2020 Pushes Privacy Angle - Security Tech Brief

In early March, Titus released Titus Illuminate 2020, which was the company’s answer to the question of analyzing data at rest. This latest version of Illuminate leverages machine learning and AI in an effort to manage data that contains potentially sensitive or high-risk personal information.

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