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Prepare for a Successful IT Strategy

Preparation for IT strategy development and execution lays the foundation for IT strategy success.


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Your Challenge

  • IT leaders that need to develop an IT strategy must properly initiate the IT strategy development effort.
  • An excellent IT strategy with poor (or no) execution can’t accomplish the set objectives, and is perceived as IT’s failure.
  • IT strategy often needs to address the competing needs and concerns of multiple stakeholders – from the business side, from the IT side, and those external to the organization.
  • The development of an IT strategy requires specific expertise that may not be readily available at a given IT shop.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Adequate preparation for IT strategy development increases the likelihood of successful IT strategy development and execution.
  • Preparation facilitates business approval of the IT strategy and investment into identified strategic initiatives, and it helps the business realize projected value from its investment in those initiatives, within the planned time frame.
  • The key to IT strategy success is to develop it at the right time, and with the right scope, level of detail, and planning horizon to adequately address stakeholders’ needs and concerns.

Impact and Result

  • Approach the development of an IT strategy as a project and prepare for it by building a charter and having all stakeholders agree to and sign it.
  • Don’t attempt to develop an IT strategy with insufficient pre-planning, or you may lose the stakeholders along the way, and your strategy will address the wrong topics, along the wrong time frame, and at the wrong level of detail.
  • Identify and prioritize IT strategy stakeholders and understand their concerns to drive the IT strategy development effort.
  • Ensure that your organization will have the capabilities required to successfully execute your IT strategy.

Research & Tools

1. Prepare for and plan an IT strategy development effort

Develop and execute a successful IT strategy.

2. Identify and analyze key stakeholders

Prioritize your time with the stakeholders who really matter.

3. Analyze stakeholder concerns and map appropriate scope areas

Keep stakeholders involved and informed with the right level of detail.

4. Create a project charter

Communicate the project, gain consensus, secure buy-in, and gain official approval for the development of an IT strategy.

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