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Turn Share of Voice Growth Into a Strategic Weapon

PR leaders that build brand Share of Voice across paid, earned, and owned media that exceeds actual market share will enable market share growth vs. key competitors.

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Without a strong company brand, Sales has a difficult time winning deals because the company is unknown and not trusted, so prospects buy from competitors.

  • Marketing spend for lead gen fails to deliver ROI if brand is unknown and brand awareness is low.
  • Without sales execution, market share increase is impossible.
  • Company name takes more time to explain to prospects and cost of sales increases.
  • Retention among existing customers falters as better-known competitors with greater SOV are more appealing.
  • Market share can only be “bought” by discounting, heavy promotion, and dropping prices. Margins suffer as well.

PR leaders can use PR messaging of high interest to buyers to increase greater mindshare and build market share.

  • Identify tools to establish a baseline and track changes in SOV and market share.
  • Define a process to identify topics of high buyer interest and best channels.
  • Identify key industry influencers.
  • Gain alignment between C-suite and Sales on a campaign.
  • Define a budget and receive approval.
  • Identify resources to produce and release content.

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Module 1: Alignment and Ideal Investor Defined

The Purpose

Educate, gain alignment, and validate.

Key Benefits Achieved

Key stakeholders are educated and aligned, Share of Voice contribution to market share is validated.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Discuss the value of leadership in understanding the relationship between SOV and market share.
  • Leadership understands the influence a strong SOV has on growing market share.
1.2 Outline the value of an omnichannel PR campaign to build a SOV and influence the market share.
1.3 Review the validated buyer persona and journey, brand health, and value prop.
  • The buyer persona and journey are documented.

Module 2: Master Investor List and Gathering Information

The Purpose

Define the campaign, resources, and budget.

Key Benefits Achieved

Budget is defined and resources are identified.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Research current trends and topics. Create a list of potential topics.
  • Current trends are researched and documented.
2.2 Create a calendar and list the amount and type of content and needed resources to produce.
2.3 Evaluate SOV platforms and select one.
  • An SOV platform is selected and approved.
2.4 Create a budget based on the needed resources and cost of the platform.
  • A budget to cover expenses has been created and approved.

Module 3: Build Assets and Gain Input

The Purpose

Develop content and coaching spokespersons.

Key Benefits Achieved

Content is defined and developed. Spokespersons are prepared.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Discuss the assignment of content development based on the available resources.
  • A content development process is defined, resources determined, and the review/approval process outlined.
3.2 Discuss the review and approval process for this content.
3.3 Discuss the need to coach key spokespersons. Verify bios and photos are accurate across all platforms.
  • Mock coaching sessions for key spokespersons. Published bios and photos are current.
3.4 Discuss developing a list of media contacts and key influencers and the need to keep it current.

Module 4: Verify Data Sources are Accurate and Interview Is Ready

The Purpose

Establish baseline SOV and explore media.

Key Benefits Achieved

Final preparations are completed.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Discuss the implementation of the SOV platform and of setting a baseline.
  • A baseline SOV is established for your company and your main competitors.
4.2 Discuss the roles each department will play in the release of content.
  • The first wave of content is ready for release and roles have been assigned.
4.3 Discuss the tracking of sales wins and understand how the campaign is affecting them.
  • SOV tracking is defined and ready to be implemented.

Module 5: Final Prep Completed and Spokesperson Prepared

The Purpose

Launch, track outcomes, and refresh content.

Key Benefits Achieved

Confidence that everything is ready.

Activities: Outputs:
5.1 Hold a “mock” release of assets and discuss tracking of outcomes to be used in the executive presentation deck.
  • The first wave of content has been released.
5.2 Practice a “mock” presentation of the outcomes of the campaign.
5.3 Discuss ongoing posts and outcome tracking.
  • Tracking has begun and a process to modify content is defined.
5.4 Discuss how needed changes in content will be determined.
  • The SOV Executive Presentation deck is ready to be updated and presented monthly.
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