Management Fundamentals

The move from peer to manager is the hardest transition in IT. Let us help you to develop foundational skills quickly with our blended learning program.

Build Core Management Skills

Info-Tech's 12-week Management Fundamentals Program integrates eLearning, engaging online community events, and facilitated discussions into one impactful experience. This flexible setup allows managers to learn from any location, apply tactics, and receive peer feedback with the full support of Info-Tech's skilled facilitators.

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Have you provided your managers with the training they need to succeed?

New and emerging people leaders are significantly more likely to have skill and competency gaps than any other employee segment.


of IT leaders agree that management and leadership skills are critically important.

Source: Info-Tech Talent Trends Survey 2024


of organizations reported the current largest skill and competency gap is in their first-time and emerging leader employee segment.

Source: McLean & Company HR Report 2023

Management Fundamentals closes this gap by focusing on immediate practicality and cultivating the key competencies required to excel as a leader in IT. Our learning approach focuses on three key elements:


Flexible eLearning and facilitated sessions backed by research, tailored to what IT managers need to know to lead in a changing world.


Practical training you can apply within 24 hours, reinforced with ongoing community events.


Opportunities to network with other new managers and learn from each other's experiences.

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Program Overview

This program provides new and emerging leaders with nine essential skills for effective team management, people development, and personal leadership growth.

  • 12 weeks
  • Designed for new and emerging managers
  • 17.5 hours of self-directed and facilitated learning
  • Enterprise and peer blended programs available
  • Certificate and PDU credit eligible

Program Breakdown

Weeks 1-3: Team Management

  • Communicate effectively and build high-performing teams
  • Manage performance
  • Give effective feedback and coaching

Weeks 4-6: People Development

  • Delegate and distribute leadership and create accountability
  • Navigate difficult conversations and conflict
  • Provide meaningful recognition

Weeks 7-9: Personal Leadership Development

  • Master the management mindset
  • Build key resilience behaviors
  • Craft a compelling leadership brand

Weeks 10-12: Learning Reinforcement

  • Complete guided exercises and holistic check-in on final week
  • Receive a certificate of completion

This blended learning approach provides:


Engaging and self-paced eLearning modules with video lectures and activities.


Online live peer learning sessions with an Info-Tech facilitator.


Weeks of learning reinforcements to ingrain impactful behavior change.

For more details about this program, book an enrollment call with the IT Leadership team or download our course catalog.

Program Timeline

Week 1: Communicate Effectively & Build High-Performing Teams

  • Live online: program introduction
  • eLearning module 1.1
  • Learning community activity
  • Live online: drop-in troubleshooting session

Week 2: Manage Performance

  • eLearning module 1.2
  • Learning community activity

Week 3: Effective Feedback & Coaching

  • eLearning module 1.3
  • Learning community activity
  • Team Management concept review
  • Live online: team management debrief

Week 4: Delegation, Distribution & Accountability

  • eLearning module 2.1
  • Learning community activity

Week 5: Master Difficult Conversations & Conflict

  • eLearning module 2.2
  • Learning community activity

Week 6: Effective Recognition

  • eLearning module 2.3
  • Learning community activity
  • People development concept review
  • Live online: people development debrief

Week 7: Master the Management Mindset

  • eLearning module 3.1
  • Learning community activity

Week 8: Build Key Resilience Behaviors

  • eLearning module 3.2
  • Learning community activity

Week 9: Craft a Compelling Leadership Brand

  • eLearning module 3.3
  • Learning community activity
  • Personal development concept review
  • Live online: program wrap-up

Weeks 10-12: Learning Reinforcement

  • Scenario-based independent peer group learning
  • Holistic check-in at 12-week mark
  • Receive certificate of completion
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Choose the program delivery option that best suits your needs:

Delivery Options Peer Blended ProgramQuarterly Management Fundamentals cohorts that bring together participants from across industries and organizations. Participate as an individual or sign up a group of up to 10 emerging & front-line people managers from your IT organization. Enterprise ProgramExclusive Management Fundamentals cohort of up to 30 emerging & front-line IT managers tailored for your organization. Develop shared management skills and build new connections across your management teams.
Individual Group Organization
Number of Participants Included 1 Up to 10 11-30
Blend of eLearning, Community Events, and Live Facilitated Sessions
Team Management, People Development, and Personal and Leadership Development Modules Included
Learning Reinforcement and Certificate of Completion
Pre-Program Leadership Engagement Session
Ongoing Participation Reporting
Participant Feedback Report
Live Sessions Tailored to Your Organization
Flexible Start Dates and Times
Private Program Exclusive to Your Organization

Meet Our Team

Amanda Mathieson

Amanda Mathieson

Principal Research Director, CIO Practice - People & Leadership

Jane Kouptsova

Jane Kouptsova

Research Director, People & Leadership Practice

Heather Leier-Murray

Heather Leier-Murray

Research Director, People & Leadership Practice

Nicholas Kozlo

Nicholas Kozlo

Research Director, People & Leadership Practice


I found this course to be rich with useful management tools and resources. I enjoyed very much the interactive lectures, writing assignments, worksheets, and quizzes throughout. Through this course my idea of management was elevated, my perspective has been broadened, and my management style undoubtedly strengthened. I also enjoyed the conversation boards and feedback from my peers in the group and I would be interested in taking additional educational courses with your company.

I've taken away more from this training that I can apply and execute in my day to day than I have any other training I've taken. It challenged me, made me uncomfortable, and was thought provoking - all in a good way.

I would recommend this training to any corporation looking to maintain and mature their management team.

Management Fundamentals

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