Strategically Phase in Technology to Bolster Supply Chain Management

Starting from predicting demand, supply chain is your company’s lifeline. You can easily lose customers and miss your growth targets if only one link in the chain fails.


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Implementing supply chain management solutions without a strategy leads to:

  • Massive budget and time overruns.
  • Marginal benefits realization.
  • Poor adoption and high operational costs.

Planning your supply chain management solutions implementation upfront leads to:

  • Traceability of decision making.
  • Ability to effectively forecast resource requirements.
  • High adoption rates and lower maintenance costs.

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Module 1: Workshop Preparation

The Purpose

Facilitator works with team to verify organizational readiness for SCMS strategy project and form the core workshop team.

Key Benefits Achieved

Level-set on organizational readiness and project alignment

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review SCMS approach.
1.2 Finalize agenda.
  • Workshop Agenda
1.3 Review supporting documentation and questionnaires.
  • Questionnaires
1.4 Introduce project charter.
  • Project Charter

Module 2: Define SCM and Project Structure

The Purpose

Clarify what constitutes supply chain management in the context of the organization and define what’s driving the initiative and its scope.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Organizational alignment behind project goals and expectation
  • Shared understanding of pain points and objectively evaluated SCMS project drivers

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Introduce SCMS.
2.2 Evaluate business needs and priorities.
2.3 Discuss challenges and pain points.
2.4 Discover benefits and opportunities.
  • Project Expectations
2.5 Complete the SCMS business model.
  • SCMS Business Model
2.6 Identify manual processes and redundancies, and workarounds.
  • SCMS Current State

Module 3: Gather High-Level Requirements

The Purpose

Gather high-level functional and other requirements for the potential SCM solution.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identified key stakeholders
  • Clearly scoped SCMS capabilities

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Identify SCMS stakeholders by key functional area.
3.2 Document high-level requirements in SCM operating model.
  • SCM Operating Model
3.3 Assess gaps and opportunities for alignment to organizational goals and SCM strategy.
  • Classified pain points
  • Opportunities for organizational alignment

Module 4: Design Future State

The Purpose

Agree on key priorities and map out paths to achieving desired future state in prioritized SCM capability areas.

Key Benefits Achieved

Agreement on key process capabilities with assigned ownership

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Continue documenting requirements in SCM operating model.
4.2 Visualize ideal future state.
  • Process priorities
4.3 Identify critical success factors.
  • Metrics
4.4 Explore SCMS solution alternatives.
  • Solution selection (augment, maintain, replace, integrate & consolidate)

Module 5: Develop Roadmap

The Purpose

Develop high-level action plan toward the future state.

Key Benefits Achieved

Actionable initiatives roadmap to proceed with future phases of the SCMS project

Activities: Outputs:
5.1 Brainstorm initiatives.
5.2 Prioritize initiatives and rollout schedule.
  • Comprehensive roadmap
5.3 Assign ownership for tasks and create deadlines.
  • Prioritized initiatives and assignment
5.4 Identify stage gates and milestones.
  • Finalized deliverable (post workshop)
5.5 Identify risks and contingencies.
  • Risk management plan
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