Rebalance Project Intake for Small Enterprise

Tip the scale of supply and demand into IT’s favor.


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The risks associated with undisciplined project intake processes include:

  • Over-allocated resources
  • Undocumented project work
  • Dissatisfied stakeholders

The benefits of a disciplined project intake process include:

  • More reasonable workloads for IT staff
  • Better throughput of more high-value projects
  • Strengthened stakeholder relations

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Module 1: Develop an Optimized Intake Workflow

The Purpose

  • Identify and map project sources.
  • Establish an effective triage process for project requests.
  • Develop a view of available capacity to keep approval and prioritization constrained to that which is achievable.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A centralized intake workflow that fosters collaboration between sponsors and the PMO.
  • An appropriate request follow-up process that sets realistic expectations for stakeholders.
  • A simple methodology for tracking resource allocations at a high level.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Undergo a PPM needs assessment
  • Current state picture of your PPM capabilities
1.2 Review and configure request form
  • A customized request form with the right amount of friction for your organization
1.3 Establish an optimized intake workflow
  • A PPM triage process that effectively informs requests forward
1.4 Develop lightweight methods for tracking resource availability
  • A resource management strategy for aligning approvals with available capacity

Module 2: Prioritize New Requests to Drive Portfolio Throughput

The Purpose

  • Determine the appropriate steps in a progressive prioritization process for your organization.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An effective cadence for prioritization to help ensure your efforts are always aligned with the highest value priorities.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Establish an approval and prioritization scorecard
  • Approval and prioritization scorecard
2.2 Define prioritization cadence, stage gates, and authority rights
  • Detailed steps in the prioritization process for who is responsible for what, and when they’re responsible for it
2.3 Pilot the workflow using Info-Tech’s tools and templates
  • A customized tool for tracking and prioritizing new requests
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