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Gov 2.0: Government as a Platform

A blueprint for digital governments.

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Without a sound digital strategy like GaaP, governments:

  • Struggle to satisfy stakeholders (citizens, businesses etc.)
  • Struggle to be agile and innovative
  • Struggle to future proof their technology investments
  • Struggle to contain costs
  • Struggle to provide digital services to all stakeholders everywhere

Digital strategy like GaaP:

  • Leads to greater stakeholder satisfaction
  • Helps governments to convert digital assets into fuel for collaboration and innovation
  • Enables governments to deliver digital services to all stakeholders everywhere
  • Makes governments agile, efficient, and innovative

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Module 1: Understand the GaaP Concepts and Strategies

The Purpose

  • Understand the platform model and strategies
  • Get an overview of GaaP

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Platform is the leading strategy and thought model – understanding the model helps in better formulation of digital strategy

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Discuss what it means to be a digital government
  • Understand
1.2 Discuss the platform model
  • Understand the platform model
1.3 Discuss platform strategies
  • Understand platform strategies
1.4 Overview of GaaP
  • Understand GaaP

Module 2: Map Goals With GaaP Strategies

The Purpose

  • Discuss the GaaP strategies
  • Map the GaaP strategies with strategic goals

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Sound understanding of the GaaP strategies
  • Alignment and mapping between GaaP strategies and strategic goals

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Open and Collaborative
  • Document the strategic goals
2.2 Accessible and Connected
2.3 Digital and Programmable
  • Mapping between goals and GaaP strategies

Module 3: Digital Platform Strategy

The Purpose

  • Understand the design goals for the digital/technology platform
  • Understand gaps between the platform capabilities and digital transformation (DX) strategy

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Design goals set the vision for the digital platform that is visible to all stakeholders
  • Gap analysis between enterprise’s digital strategy and platform capabilities helps with understanding the current situation and informs strategies and roadmaps

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Discuss and document design goals for digital platform
  • Documented design goals for digital platform
3.2 Discuss DX themes and platform capabilities – document the gaps
  • Documented DX themes and platform capabilities
3.3 Discuss gaps and strategies along with timelines
  • DX themes and platform capabilities map

Module 4: Digital Platform Design: Key Components

The Purpose

  • Understand key components of a digital platform – technology and teams

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Design of digital platform requires understanding of the key components of a digital platform – this module provides high-level discussion on the topic
  • Understand the team structure, culture, and practices of successful platform engineering teams

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Confirmation and discussion on existing UX/UI and API strategies
4.2 Understanding of microservices architecture and filling of microservices canvas
  • Filled microservices canvas
4.3 Real-time stream processing data pipeline and tool map
  • Documented real-time stream processing data pipeline and tool map
4.4 High-level architectural view
  • Documented high-level architectural view
4.5 Discussion on platform engineering teams – culture, structure, principles, and practices
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