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Embrace Business-Managed Applications

Empower the business to implement their own applications with a trusted business-IT relationship.

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Unmanaged applications and shadow IT can create significant challenges for your organization:

  • IT struggling to meet business demands creates stakeholder frustration.
  • Unnecessarily high operational and licensing costs due to redundant applications.
  • Increased security concerns and not being compliant with regulations.

A methodical and strategic approach to business-managed applications can:

  • Build business-IT trust by empowering the business to implement their own applications on stable and reliable platforms.
  • Clarify the ownership of your applications and who makes key application decisions.
  • Develop the right framework to fit the characteristics of each application.

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Module 1: State Your Objectives

The Purpose

  • Define business-managed applications in your context.
  • Identify your business-managed application objectives.
  • State the value opportunities with business-managed applications.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A consensus definition and list of business-managed applications goals
  • Understanding of the business value business-managed applications can deliver

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define business-managed applications.
  • Grounded definition of a business-managed application
1.2 List your objectives and metrics.
  • Goals and objectives of your business-managed applications
1.3 State the value opportunities.
  • Business value opportunity with business-managed applications

Module 2: Design Your Framework & Governance

The Purpose

  • Develop your application management framework.
  • Tailor your application delivery and ownership structure to fit business-managed applications.
  • Discuss the value of an applications committee.
  • Discuss technologies to enable business-managed applications.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Fit-for-purpose and repeatable application management selection framework
  • Enhanced application governance model
  • Applications committee design that meets your organization’s needs
  • Shortlist of solutions to enable business-managed applications

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Develop your management framework.
  • Tailored application management selection framework
2.2 Tune your delivery and ownership accountabilities.
  • Roles definitions of application owners and managers
2.3 Design your applications committee.
  • Applications committee design
2.4 Uncover your solution needs.
  • List of business-managed application solution features and services

Module 3: Build Your Roadmap

The Purpose

  • Build your roadmap to implement busines-managed applications and build the foundations of your optimized governance model.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Implementation initiatives
  • Adoption roadmap

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Build your roadmap.
  • Business-managed application adoption roadmap
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