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Document and Maintain Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Put your DRP on a diet – keep it fit, trim, and ready for action.

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Traditional, 300-page “red books” have these flaws:

  • They are not usable in a disaster.
  • They are difficult to maintain, and therefore, are often untrustworthy.
  • They sit on the shelf and gather dust.

Learn how to create DR documentation that:

  • Is usable and effective during an IT disaster.
  • Is maintainable and concise.
  • Easily integrates with IT operations and IT learning and development.

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Module 1: Streamline DRP Documentation

The Purpose

Teach your team how to create visual-based documentation.

Key Benefits Achieved

Learn how to create visual-based DR documentation.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Conduct a table-top planning exercise.
1.2 Document your high-level incident response plan.
  • Documented high-level incident response plan
1.3 Identify documentation to include in your playbook.
  • List of documentation action items
1.4 Create an initial collection of supplementary documentation.
  • Collection of 1-3 draft checklists, flowcharts, topology diagrams, and contact lists
1.5 Discuss what further documentation is necessary for recovering from a disaster.
  • Action items for ensuring that the DRP is executable for both primary and backup DR personnel
1.6 Summarize your DR capabilities for stakeholders.
  • DRP Summary Document

Module 2: Select the Optimal DRP Publishing Strategy

The Purpose

Learn the considerations for publishing your DRP.

Key Benefits Achieved

Identify the best strategy for publishing your DRP.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Select criteria for assessing DRP tools.
2.2 Evaluate categories for DRP tools.
  • Strategy for publishing DRP

Module 3: Learn How to Keep Your DRP Relevant Through Maintenance Best Practices

The Purpose

Address the common pain point of unmaintained DRPs.

Key Benefits Achieved

Create an approach for maintaining your DRP.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Alter your project intake considerations.
  • Project Intake Form Addendum Template
3.2 Integrate DR considerations into change management.
  • Change Management DRP Checklist Template
3.3 Integrate documentation into performance measurement and performance management.
3.4 Learn best practices for maintaining your DRP.
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