Build Resilience Against Ransomware Attacks

Prevent ransomware incursions and defend against ransomware attacks.

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Ransomware is a high-profile threat that demands immediate attention:

  • Organizations large and small hit by ransomware make the news every week.
  • Executives want reassurance – but aren’t ready to write a blank check. Improvements must be targeted and justified.
  • No one is bulletproof, so the ability to recover from (not just prevent) a ransomware attack is critical. Yet backup and disaster recovery capabilities are often lacking.

Take specific actions to improve your ability to prevent and respond to a ransomware attack:

  • Execute a systematic assessment of your current security and disaster recovery (DR) practices to identify gaps and quick wins.
  • Quantify ransomware risk to prioritize investments and drive security awareness.
  • Run tabletop planning exercises to plan for ransomware attacks, build a more effective incident response plan, and further identify projects to help close gaps.

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Module 1: Assess Ransomware Resilience

The Purpose

  • Set workshop goals, review ransomware trends and risk scenarios, and assess the organization’s resilience to ransomware attacks.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Develop a solid understanding of the likelihood and impact of a ransomware attack on your organization.
  • Complete a current state assessment of key security controls in a ransomware context.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review incidents, challenges, and project drivers.
  • Workshop goals
1.2 Diagram critical systems and dependencies and build risk scenario.
  • Ransomware Risk Scenario
1.3 Assess ransomware resilience.
  • Ransomware Resilience Assessment

Module 2: Protect and Detect

The Purpose

  • Improve your capacity to protect your organization from ransomware and detect attacks along common vectors.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identify targeted countermeasures that improve protection and detection capabilities.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Assess ransomware threat preparedness.
  • Targeted ransomware countermeasures to improve protection and detection capabilities.
2.2 Determine the impact of ransomware techniques on your environment.
  • Targeted ransomware countermeasures to improve protection and detection capabilities.
2.3 Identify countermeasures to improve protection and detection capabilities.
  • Targeted ransomware countermeasures to improve protection and detection capabilities.

Module 3: Respond and Recover

The Purpose

  • · Improve your organization’s capacity to respond to ransomware attacks and recover effectively.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Build response and recovery capabilities that reduce the potential business disruption of successful ransomware attacks.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Review the workflow and runbook templates.
  • Security Incident Response Plan Assessment.
3.2 Update/define your threat escalation protocol.
3.3 Define scenarios for a range of incidents.
3.4 Run a tabletop planning exercise (IT).
  • Tabletop Planning Session (IT)
3.5 Update your ransomware response runbook.
  • Ransomware Workflow and Runbook.

Module 4: Improve Ransomware Resilience.

The Purpose

Identify prioritized initiatives to improve ransomware resilience.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identify the role of leadership in ransomware response and recovery.
  • Communicate workshop outcomes and recommend initiatives to improve ransomware resilience.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Run a tabletop planning exercise (Leadership).
  • Tabletop Planning Session (Leadership)
4.2 Identify initiatives to close gaps and improve resilience.
4.3 Review broader strategies to improve your overall security program.
4.4 Prioritize initiatives based on factors such as effort, cost, and risk.
4.5 Review the dashboard to fine tune your roadmap.
  • Ransomware Resilience Roadmap and Metrics
4.6 Summarize status and next steps in an executive presentation.
  • Ransomware Workflow and Runbook
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