Build Investor Awareness to Secure Next-Round Financing

Crafting a killer pitch deck, documenting the investor journey, and executing a well-structured awareness campaign to gain next-round financing.


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Odds of being funded by a major VC are approximately 0.7%.

  • A VC can receive proposals from 4,000 startups a year. Only 3,000 are reviewed, or approximately 12 opportunities per day (50 weeks per year, 5 days per week). Only 200 will move forward to a serious review. A select 20 proposals will be funded. If you don’t use PR you decrease your chances of being funded.
  • Poor or low awareness of the company brand with investors means they don’t know your company or what it does.
  • Investors unidentified, journey undocumented, and documents not developed will delay the funding process.

PR is vital for building a strong brand in the minds of investors

  • By identifying companies and investors who fund companies in your industry at your stage, you can shorten the investment cycle and be more successful.
  • Showcases company expertise and forecasts future success.
  • Builds company credibility and reliability with investors.
  • Show investors you have a proven business plan.

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Module 1: Alignment and Ideal Investor Defined

The Purpose

Gain Alignment, Set Goals, Identify Ideal Investor Profile

Key Benefits Achieved

Plan is Defined and the Ideal Investor is Identified

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Download and complete the PR Campaign to Build Awareness to Secure Investor Financing - RACI and Task Checklist to define the responsibilities of each key leader.
1.2 Set goals and timelines.
  • PR funding campaign roles are clearly defined and agreed upon.
1.3 Identify a comprehensive data source to be used to conduct research and identify key investor attributes and conduct research.
  • The investor profile is identified.

Module 2: Master Investor List and Gathering Information

The Purpose

Create Master Investor List, Gather Information to Build Assets

Key Benefits Achieved

Master Investor List Created, Information for Assets has been Collected

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Create a master list of investors that align with our current start-up stage and industry.
  • Research on Ideal Investors is complete, and a master list is created.
2.2 Share the master investor list with the CEO and CFO.
  • The CEO/key spokesperson has time to review the master investor list.
2.3 Gather information needed to develop a targeted pitch deck.
2.4 Gather information needed to develop the needed due diligence documents.
  • Information to create custom documents is gathered.

Module 3: Building Assets and Gain Input

The Purpose

Ensure Documents Contain Intel to Meet Investor Needs

Key Benefits Achieved

Final Documents are Confirmed to Meet Investor Needs

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Develop the custom targeted pitch deck.
3.2 Develop the due diligence documents.
3.3 Share the documents and gain approval.
  • The pitch deck and due diligence documents are created and approved.
3.4 Identify 2-3 investors and hold “mock” meetings with them to receive feedback on the due diligence documents. Also, ask where these investors conduct research on the companies they fund.
  • Mock investor interviews provide valuable feedback on documents.

Module 4: Verify Data Sources Are Accurate and Interview is Ready

The Purpose

Update Data Sources, PR Campaign is Ready, Interview Room Ready

Key Benefits Achieved

Final Preparations are Completed

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Check and update the data sources used by investors for accuracy.
  • Data sources include accurate company data.
4.2 Outline a targeted PR campaign to raise investor awareness.
  • PR Campaign for investors is defined.
4.3 Discuss set-up and cost of the video conference room for virtual meetings.
  • Video room details are defined.

Module 5: Final Prep Completed and Spokesperson Prepared

The Purpose

Prepare Secure Virtual Data Room, Coach the CEO/Spokesperson, Final Prep

Key Benefits Achieved

Confidence that Everything is Ready

Activities: Outputs:
5.1 Work with Technology to identify a secure virtual data room provider.
5.2 Practice a “mock” upload of the documents to the secure virtual data room.
  • Secure virtual data room is created, and documents are uploaded.
5.3 Hold “mock” training session to coach the CEO/key spokesperson for investor meetings.
  • The CEO/key spokesperson is prepared for investor meetings.
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