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Ivideon Brings Facial Recognition to the Cloud

With cloud-based video surveillance and video analytics services gaining momentum, consumers of these services can use facial recognition solutions without being required to install costly local equipment.

Cloud-based solutions are targeting banks, retailers, organizations monitoring public spaces, and service organizations to allow companies to do their analytics on the cloud. Being able to recognize customers and their moods will allow retailers and service providers to customize interactions and maximize profits. The fact that analytics is performed on the cloud means that the newest algorithms can be put directly to work rather than having to be administered and implemented locally.

Ivideon recently launched a cloud-based solution and is using machine learning to improve its facial recognition and mood recognition capabilities. Its analytics can help companies differentiate new and existing clients, analyze their visiting patterns, and even determine sex, age, and emotional state.

Our Take

With video surveillance data being shared to the cloud, privacy and security should always be top of mind. If machine learning is used, consumers must be conscious of inherent biases that are perpetuated.

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