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IT continues to "outsource" to cloud, managed service, and other providers. As a result, IT (and the organization as a whole) becomes more reliant on these vendors, and vendor management becomes increasingly necessary to manage the relationships and manage the risks. Implementing a vendor management initiative is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.Read more

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Can a Vendor Management Initiative Influence Organizational Performance? - Vendor Management Tech Note

Can a vendor management initiative influence organizational performance? The concise answer to this question is yes. However, this influence doesn’t occur overnight.

Vendor Management Skills: A Critical Skill Set You Should Include in Every Interview - Vendor Management Tech Note

Vendor management skills are essential to ensure the successful execution of your IT strategy. The ability to objectively navigate, negotiate, perform conflict resolution, and effectively execute analytical evaluation will be required at every level in IT.

Select Tactical SaaS Vendors That Are Built to Last - Vendor Management Tech Note

Technology buyers and IT asset managers are frequently directed to procure and support new SaaS solutions from an increasing array of small to medium-sized vendors. These vendors often lack the cachet and solid track record of their mega-vendor peers' financial and technical performance. How...

Is Your Vendor Really Your Partner? - Vendor Management Tech Note

Is there anything wrong with referring to your third-party relationships as partners? The debate by customers has been going on for decades with great passion in both camps: Yes, it’s okay vs. No, it’s not!

SAP-Qualtric Acquisition Seeks to Connect the Xs and Os - Vendor Management Tech Note

SAP’s Qualtrics acquisition, just before its IPO went live, was completed in January 2019 for an all-cash price of $8B; its second-largest acquisition ever behind the Concur deal in 2014. The staggering amount paid by SAP should leave current SAP clients curious to understand SAP’s strategy and...

Microsoft’s Change From Premier to Unified Support May Cost Organizations Up to 30% More - Vendor Management Tech Note

The new Microsoft Unified Support model is still in beta phase, aiming for a global rollout by the end of Microsoft’s fiscal year 2019. Its aim is moving towards providing support for organizations adding cloud products to their Microsoft volume licensing agreements but maintains support for...

Don’t Let IBM’s Licensing Rules Squander Virtualization ROI - Vendor Management Tech Note

Organizations that have deployed IBM software in a virtualized infrastructure setting must comply with a variety of complex licensing rules, the most important of which is to run an approved version of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT). Audit findings for this single aspect of IBM licensing...

ServiceNow’s New York Release Brings a Price Increase in Disguise - Vendor Management Tech Note

ServiceNow has mastered the art of implementing subtle license changes and price adjustments with each major release of its software, resulting in regular price increases for its customers. This has occurred with the London, Madrid, and, most recently, New York releases.

Is Your IT Equipment Lease Missing the Lessor’s Primary Obligation? - Vendor Management Tech Note

When leasing IT equipment, the lessor (the company providing the equipment) has one main obligation. However, most leases overlook this critical aspect completely, exposing the lessee (the organization leasing the equipment) to unnecessary risk.

SAP’s S/4HANA License Schemes Are Confusing Customers - Vendor Management Tech Note

SAP’s native-cloud play through S/4HANA dangled the hopes of a simplified license structure to SAP customers. Instead, SAP customers now must navigate four distinct license models, each tied to a separate deployment model.

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